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I offer three types of design services:

1.  E-design
2.  Local Hourly Consultation
2.  Complete Design Plan

Here is a brief description of the three types of services:

An e-design client will receive an inspiration board, outlining a plan for the space.
A list of sources to purchase suggested items will also be included, along with tips and suggestions to implement the plan.
Please contact me here for rates.

Local Hourly Consultation
If you live in the greater Cincinnati area, an hourly consultation may suit your needs.
I will meet with you, in your home, for one hour (or more) and answer any design questions you may have. This option can include paint color recommendations, fabric selections, furniture layout, etc.
Please contact me here for rates.

Complete Design Plan 
This option is available after an initial consultation.  It includes a complete design plan, consisting of a room layout, paint colors, fabric options, accessories and shopping sources.  The plan can either be turned over to you to implement or I can be involved to oversee implementation of the plan.
Please contact me here for rates.

You can see examples of my work here.

If you are interested in working with me, please complete this form to get started.

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