Keeping It Real

I know I post a lot of pretty pictures with my house looking all neat and tidy.  Now, don't let me lead 
you wrong, I am a very neat and tidy person, but seriously, my house doesn't look like that all the time.    

This is what it looks like on a normal afternoon. 

With five people in our family, there is no shortage of laundry.  It's time consuming and never ending.
In an attempt to make my life easier, I once went so far as to hide a ton of my four year old's clothes so he wouldn't change his outfit four times a day. Worked like a charm until he found them in my closet.
I do laundry just about every day and usually more than one load a day.  I put it in the washer, put it the dryer and then throw it on our bed, wait for my husband to fold it and then I put it away. Works out well for us.  Since there's nothing too exciting about our laundry room (no great before and after pictures),
I might as well show you.

The best part about our laundry room is the location. It's not a huge room with tons of space and storage, but it's located right off the master bathroom with another door leading to the 2nd floor landing.  It's easily accessible to everyone in the family.  In our previous house, we moved the laundry room from the basement to the 2nd floor.  When we were house hunting, another 2nd floor laundry room was always at the top of our "Wish List".  During the renovations of our current house, we were able to squeeze the laundry room into the new master suite.  
Here is the lone sock graveyard.  Underneath this bulletin board is an ugly electric panel.  I couldn't come up with anything else to cover it up with, so why not display our single socks.  I swear my dryer eats socks. These things have been hanging here for a long time and the mates just never seem to appear.  I'm sure I am the only one this happens to, right?

So there you go, now I've aired all my dirty clean, but unfolded laundry for you.  
Feel like you know me a little better?  How about you, does laundry seem to consume you?


  1. I do something similar. I or my husband wash and then pile it up on my son's bedroom floor. Then I fold it all at once. I hate putting it away : )

  2. That sounds like our house!! There are seven people in our family, and the laundry just keeps coming!! I've been trying to get the kids to use their bath towels more than once, so it cuts down on the laundry a little bit, but they just haven't got the hang of that yet.
    We have a whole basket dedicated to mateless socks!! It's horrible! Where DO all of those socks go? I saw a really clever idea for a cheap and funny Halloween costume this year. Dress yourself up to look like a bandit. Tape a bunch of mateless socks all over yourself, and call yourself the sock thief from the dryer!! So no, it doesn't just happen to you. It happens to us all!! :)
    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Hee Hee! I love your sock panel cover! Great idea!
    Dee Dee

  4. This is hilarious...I guess we are all the same with the endless piles of laundry! I love how you used to hide your 4 year old clothes...my 4 year old was exactly the same with the clothes changing, although I never really realized it, until I noticed that he had at least 4 times more laundry every week than the rest of the family! Now I look back and love that he was like that :)

  5. I LOVE this idea!! I have a lone sock basket, but I never seem to ever go through it, lol. This is a much better system, can't wait to make my own. Thanks for the inspiration :0)

  6. Sock board envy!!! Hilarious and practical at the same time!!

  7. This is hilarious! So clever! I need one of these.

  8. I love where your socks go to die - ours rest in a plastic bag. I like yours better as you can see what you are looking for.

  9. That "sock frame" idea is definitely going up in my laundry room. What a fab idea. Laundry doesn't consume me, I only have enough to do half loads every day. However, I conquered Mount Ironing yesterday so my poor husband doesn't have to iron himself a shirt for work each day. It felt very liberating. Until it all piles up again.


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