Back in the Spring, the sweetest woman, Anne, contacted me about making some changes in the home she shares with her husband and six kids. You read that correctly, six kids. 
They had two biological children and they ended up adopting four more children from China. 
They are one amazing family!
 You can read more about their story herehere and here.

Since they added so much "life" to their family, they really wanted to add some life to their home. 
My main objective was to add some much needed color to the family room and foyer.

Here was our plan..... 

We started here......

And now.......

The drapes were custom made and really bring "life" to the family room.

The bookcase from Ballard added storage and display space to the kitchen area. 

This is how the foyer looked before....

And now, after adding cherished family photos and the thin console that was in the kitchen 
(now painted BM Hale Navy).

We also added the rug to bring even more color into the foyer. 

The dining room gets a ton of use in this house.  The kids use it as their homework station.
We made a few simple changes in here.

This is where we started......

Walls were painted BM Hale Navy.
We added some original art from China, a gorgeous card catalog/buffet and some simple lamps.

Why oh why do builders insist on putting thermostats right smack dab in the middle of a wall?

We added some square frames with oversize linen mats to help disguise the thermostat. 
Pictures from their travels to China will fill the frames. 

I purchased these gorgeous drapes from an estate sale.  The worked perfectly in this space.

I was in a hurry on the final install day 
and I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked. 
I plan on stopping by soon to take a few more.  I will share them soon.

Now that we are well into our back to school routine, I am busy again working.
It seems like people always want to take on decorating projects right before the holidays. 
I know it's only August, but my upholsterer/seamstress is already booked out to mid-October.  

If you are interested in working together to create a unique and inviting space in your home, 
feel free to contact me here

A huge thanks to Anne (and her amazing family) 
for allowing me to help create a space that truly reflects their personalities.



Don't let the title mislead you, I actually love Summer.  
Every year, about mid-February, I long for the lazy, hot days of summer.  
I relish sleeping in, no homework and a lighter activity schedule.   
But then comes August 1st, and I begin to crave routine.  I'll admit, I thrive on a set schedule. 
I am pretty good about "going with the flow" 
and I usually try to plan one or two activities during the week to keep the kids entertained.  
But, truth be told, I like to wake up at the same time everyday 
and I like to know what my day will entail.  I also thoroughly enjoy some alone time.  
Our summer schedule prevents all of these things from happening.  
Well, I suppose I could wake up at the same time everyday.  
But if I don't have to, chances are, I won't. 

You see where this is going, right? 
There, I said it.  If that makes me a bad mom, then so be it.

Before I jump back into blogging, I thought I might give you a peek at our summer. 
We didn't take any big trips and we didn't do anything too adventurous.
But we did make the most of our unscheduled time together. 

Looking back at these photos, it appears we had quite a big time. Never a dull moment, that's for sure. 
FYI,  I was forced to retreat to a quiet corner of my room to finish this post. 

I'll be back to regular blogging soon.



I recently completed designs for a dining room and office. 
The couple live in a beautiful home just a few years old. 
Their decor and paint colors are fairly neutral.  They were looking to liven things up a bit.
They had their eyes on a beautiful dining table and buffet. 
Other than that, they were open to ideas.

Here are my ideas...... 

For this design, I started with the rug. 
I love a good traditional rug that will last forever. 
They were open to mixing up the chairs.  
I also provided two lighting options.
I think the red lanterns would be perfect in this space.

Here are my ideas for the office.....

They sent me several different room layout options 
and wanted me to help them decide which one would work best.  
I settled on the one I thought would give them the best working space and optimal TV viewing.
They already had a desk/hutch and they wanted to add more desk space.
I suggested softening the windows with drapes.
I also recommended adding some colorful local maps and personal travel photographs. 
A nice upholstered swivel chair would be perfect for this space too.

This project is on hold for now, while they take their time making decisions.
I really enjoyed working on these designs and wanted to share them.

Other than squeezing in a little work, I have been in full summer mode; 
staying up late, sleeping in, spending time at the pool, soaking it all in.
I hate to think this way, but my oldest child only has six more summers 
until she graduates from high school.  Yikes!  
I don't want to look back on this time and wish I had been more present.
So forgive me if my posts are few and far between.
I hope you're having an amazing summer!
Thanks for stopping by.



A few months ago, I was watching an NBA game with the boys.
Okay, let's get real, I was most likely reading Southern Living while they were watching the game.

While my boys were discussing the team fouls and rebounds, 
I couldn't help but focus on the sports announcer's outfit.
I did a double take and then asked to my husband to pause the TV so I could snap a picture. 
Now I'm no sports fanatic, but I do have two boys who are obsessed 
with basketball, baseball and football.  
So I see my fair share of sporting events on TV. 
However, it seems as though I have been living under a rock.   
Apparently the sports announcer, Craig Sager, is quite famous for his outlandish outfits.

I was intrigued. 
I did a little digging and came up with a few more Craig Sager ensembles. 
Since fashion isn't necessarily my thing, my thoughts immediately turned to interior design.

I used a few of my favorite Craig Sager outfits as inspiration 
for a little fabric/wallcovering pattern mixing.

Humor me, if you will........
(Oh, and if you love any of the fabrics/wallcoverings, I have included links to the sources below).





While searching for my favorite Craig Sager suits, 
I discovered he is currently battling acute myeloid leukemia.  
My prayers go out to him and his family. 
I sure hope his is back in action and sporting some fabulous fashion very soon.



I'm still here, just trying to make it through the last three days of school.  The finish line is in sight.
Three more days of waking up early, packing lunches, helping with homework and early bedtimes. 
Then we can officially call it summer! 

I have been trying to wrap up design projects, run errands, get things organized and enjoy the last few days of peach and quiet before all heck break loose around here. 
I had to get my thrifting fix too. 
Taking three kids thrifting over the summer is definitely not on my "to do list". 

I found  a few gems over the last couple of weeks.

Like this $5.00 lamp from St. Vincent DePaul.
I already had the shade on hand in my arsenal of thrift store shades.

We have plenty of overhead lighting in the mudroom.  So I never thought of adding a lamp in here. 
At night, I prefer the ambiance of lamp lighting.
This lamp is the perfect amount of light in the evenings.  
Bonus - it helps hide the dirt in the mudroom! 

I also picked up this blue and gold metal tray at Goodwill for $2.00.  
It had me at blue and gold.

I was especially taken with the detail on the  handles.  

I picked up a few blue and white jars at St. Vincent DePaul also.

I love the little ginger jar. They varied in price from $3-$8. 

I added them to the mantle for a little more of a Springy look.

I bought this chair silhouette print a while back for $5.
You already know about my obsession with chairs.

I added it to the small gallery wall in the dining room.

I have plenty more to share with you and I hope to be able to blog a little more this summer.
I recently partnered with Staples to do a fun little Pantry Makeover.
Looking forward to showing you very soon.

Have you kicked off Summer yet?



I have been working on a family room design for a repeat client. 
I helped her make a few changes to her dining room last year 
We also tackled the foyer at that time.  She originally wanted to work on the living room too, 
but we decided to hold off until we could do a complete makeover.  
I talked about her smart design decision here.

When she contacted me recently, it was to finally work on the living room.
When I went to meet with her, she mentioned she would also like to make a few
changes in the family room (the room where they spend most of their time).
We got a little side tracked again and decided to go for more than a few changes in the family room.
Once again, the living room got put on the back burner.

Don't worry, we will get to it.
But for now, this family room makeover is going to be something!
Here's our plan........

This lovely couple spent some time out West before they had children.
They have a couple pieces of art they collected and we plan to incorporate those into the room,
along with a few other items with a southwestern vibe.

The room is not huge.  
We decided a sectional was the best way to get the maximum amount of seating.
Resurfacing the brick fireplace with stone was not part of the initial "make a few changes" plan.
It took a little convincing, but fortunately, 
they were open to the idea and moved forward with it right away.
The walls were painted with BM Revere Pewter.  
I would love to see the built ins on either side of the fireplace painted in BM Creekside Green.
Still keeping my fingers crossed that they go for it.

The carpet has been replaced, the fireplace resurfaced, the walls painted and the sectional delivered.
It's finally time for the fun part. 
I am currently on the hunt for some unique accessories to fill up the built-ins. 
Hoping to wrap up this project next week.
I know it has been a while since I shared any "after" photos of my projects.
It is definitely at the top of my to do list.

I read somewhere last week that May is the new December.
With all the sporting events and school activities, I believe it. 
I try hard not to complain about being busy.  
Years from now, when it is nice and quiet around here, I'll miss those busy days 
of shuffling kids around town, cheering them on at their games, 
and spending countless hours helping them with school projects. 
For now, I am going to soak it all in and enjoy the blessings.



It all started back in November when we upgraded our queen size bed for a king size bed.
Then in December we replaced the TV in our family room 
and decided to move the old TV to our bedroom.

The old 32" box TV wasn't quite cutting it. 
The first thing I did was go on the hunt for a long dresser 
to replace the painted armoire that housed the box TV.

I found the perfect one at a funky little resale shop in Cincinnati called Connecting Times Resale. 
I follow them on on Facebook and am often intrigued by the pictures they post. 
I pop in there from time to time.
The day I found this dresser, I had actually stopped in to see a different dresser they had posted.
Turns out I liked this one better.

I love the legs, the wood grain and the vintage hardware.

And it just happened to be the perfect size for this spot.

I sold the armoire.  We moved the dresser in and promptly hooked up the TV.
Next I got out the hammer and few nails and went town 
creating a gallery wall around the TV to disguise it a bit. 

I used things I already had on hang.
Like this Batik I got for Christmas. 
I may have dropped a subtle hint about adding it to my wish list here.
I framed some concert tickets to one of our favorite bands and hung those here too,
along with a thrift store painting. 

A signed concert poster tacked to a back of a wooden frame is front and center on the gallery wall.

Have I mentioned I like red barns?  I grew up on a farm and we had a red barn on our property. 
I have always been drawn to "red barn art".  These came from the thrift store too.

The other Batik, a ginger jar print and more thrift store art rounds out the gallery wall.

While I really enjoy the serene wall color in this room, I was ready for some pops of color.

The plan is to eventually mount the TV on the wall.
However, there is a brick chimney hiding behind this drywall.
No easy feat for us unhandy folks!

I spend a little too much time lounging in my bed nowadays.