A Sneak Peek

I'll be completely honest, I've been dreading this project.  Not that I'm afraid of hard work, I welcome it, but painting, not so much!  When we first bought our first house, my husband and I painted every surface of that place all by ourselves (okay so maybe a few friends and family members helped).  The busier we got and the more kids we had, the less time we had to do things like that.  For the last several years, we have left painting up to the professionals.  Since my daughter's room had been professionally painted less than two years ago, I just couldn't justify paying someone to re-paint it.  Being the overly confident, eager to prove myself person that I am, I sent my husband to the paint store and I rolled up my sleeves.  I put off the task all week, mostly because I had strep throat, but also because, like I said, I was dreading it.  

I woke up Saturday morning, with nothing on our schedule and an ugly forecast all day.  No more excuses.  I am happy to report that, after four ibuprofen and a couple of cold beers, the room is 90%  painted.  I ran out of paint around 10:00 p.m on Saturday night and I really needed a break on Sunday, so I'll resume on Monday.  Anyway, enough rambling, here's a peek at the room. 

I went with Benjamin Moore Bird's Egg on the ceiling and Sherwin Williams White Duck on the walls.

I also found this perfect bench at an outdoor antique fair today.  The guy was getting ready to load everything up so he gave me a sweet deal.  This one and an identical white one for only $30.00.

Here is my inspiration fabric.  You can order it here for $19.98/yard.  Of course, I found it on clearance and paid $4.00/yard.  I have enough to have two large pillows made for her bed and probably a cushion for this bench.

Which leaves me with eight (8) yards of this lovely fabric.  I bought it before we moved in to our house thinking I would use it for my daughter's room.  If anyone is interested, e-mail me here.

Just for kicks, here was the room before we moved in.

And here is it after its first makeover.

Stay tuned for the end result.  Life is pretty busy right now, with baseball games, gymnastics, pre-school parties, spending time with my friends and family, things like that.  I'm trying to find a nice balance between this whole blogging world and my life.  It's a work in progress, just like this old house.


  1. I am now thoroughly convinced that we were separated at birth. I am in the process of painting my half bath with Benjamin Moore's Bird's Egg. I kid you not - see today's post. My wallpaper nemesis continues to aggravate me to no end. Who would have thought a little half bath could amount to such a gigantic pain in the rear... I'm getting there though. Can't wait to see the finished room!

  2. Andrea, I love the blue ceiling and the fabric is adorable. The bench was a great find.

  3. It looks beautiful so far! That fabric is gorgeous and looks like it will be perfect on the bench/bed and with the paint colors! I can relate to the "balancing life with blogging" comment...my husband keeps telling me how addicted I am. :)

  4. Can't wait to see it all put together. Love the little chandlier. My daughter has a similar one in her room.

  5. Yay! Lots of good changes going on! Loving the blue ceiling! Can't wait to see the end result.

  6. You crack me up! There is nothing, to me, so fun, as painting with friends and a cold beer in one hand. :) So happy for you that it's nearing completion.


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