My Smoothie Maker

Is nothing new and nothing fancy, but he sure is cute and he can make a mean smoothie.

My four year old has become obsessed with making smoothies.  
He's quite the picky eater, so when I find something healthy he actually likes, I run with it. 
 He likes to be very involved in the entire smoothie making process.  
This morning, I let him pick out the fruits he wants to include.  

We added some orange juice, ice and a scoop of protein powder.  

Looks like it meets his approval.  

My two older kids have three days of school left until they are off for the summer.  This has been the first year that I have only had one child at home during the day and I have really enjoyed it.  The little one and I have done some serious bonding.  Now, I'm working on mentally preparing myself for having all three children home all day, everyday for the next ten weeks.  Should be a interesting!


  1. Looks delicious! I would have to hide the ingredients from my kids since they are even picky when it comes to fruit! But if you handed them a smoothie blind, they'd probably eat it. Silly, I know.

    These school transitions are always tough, aren't they? One thing about the school year that I *do* like - when I leave the house for work, it doesn't get any messier. Not the case during the summer. The chore list is on the chalkboard wall!

  2. Wow! 10 weeks! Don't they forget everything they've learnt? I'm writing this from the UK where state school kids get 6 weeks and there is some debate whether to change the system to make it a shorter holiday.


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