My older son played knothole this year and my husband coached his team.  
Since my younger son wants to do EVERYTHING his older brother does, he got to be on the team too. 
 He was more like an honorary member of the team.  
He had a uniform, practiced occasionally and even got to play a few innings.  

This picture was taken at the last game of the season. He was pretty excited to be able to play. 
(Oh, and he had some blue gatorade to drink.  Can you tell?) 

Here is my older son,  concentrating hard on the game. 

These two boys sure give me a run for my money, but I love them more than they will ever know!     

I was going to post about the project my mom and I stayed up so late working on a couple of weeks ago, but I was having some trouble uploading pictures tonight. 
I'll work on getting it straightened out tomorrow and hopefully I can share it with you on Friday.  
In the meantime, hope you enjoy the pictures of my little All-Stars.   

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  1. Both boys are cuties, Andrea! Have a good day.


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