Last week I was in desperate need of a makeover.  Thanks to my beautiful mother, I inherited a head full of gray hair.  I've had a few since high school, but now (thanks to my three beautiful children) I have to have my hair colored once every four weeks to cover the gray. Due to some scheduling conflicts recently, I had to go almost six weeks in between appointments.   I'll spare you the before pictures, but let's just say had I tired to get the senior citizen discount at Goodwill last week, they would not have questioned me.

My lovely stylist, Becky, has a cute place just up the street from my house.  I love going there and chit chatting with her for two hours every month.  A few months ago, I offered to stencil a wall in her salon.
I thought it would add a little interest to the main wall you see when you walk in the door.  She ever so kindly agreed and so we did a little swap.  She did a little makeover on my hair and I did a little makeover to her salon.

This is what it looked like before.  

A lovely shade of blue gray on the main wall with the rest of the walls painted a light taupe. 

Wah lah!  A little stencil makeover and now this wall has some personality.

You might remember this Ikat stencil from my powder room makeover.  
I was dying to use it somewhere else.  
This wall was much easier to stencil, since I didn't have to maneuver around a toilet, 
a sink, a towel ring, a toilet paper holder and a light fixture.  
I just had to make sure everything was level and even on each side.  

Oh, and for the record, here is an after picture of my hair makeover.  
It's nothing fancy, but trust me, it is a huge improvement.  

And yes, my sons are wearing stickers that say "The Naked Karate Girls" 
and my middle child is holding a devil's pitch fork.  
I'll blog about that another day, just focus on the hair, people!

I really love stenciling and if you live in the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and are interested in having me  stencil a wall or room in your house, e-mail me here for the details.


  1. Andrea!
    This turned out so well and love the pale gray blue color you stenciled on.
    Good for you, turning this into a little business. It's so great when you find something you love to do and then can turn around and do it for someone else too!

    Your family is so beautiful!

  2. That wall looks great and I love the look on your son's face holding the pitchfork.

  3. Ahhh hahaha!!! That picture cracks me up :D The stencil looks fab, and so does your hair!

  4. Both the wall and your hair look fabulous!

  5. Hilarious photo, and your son's expression is perfect. Love the stencil, and I'm hooked on the myself, looking for more places and uses for the in my house. Hair looks great too!

  6. You hair looks amazing and OMG!!! The picture and your commentary is hysterical!!! Had me laughing outloud!

  7. Oh, and the stencil looks fab!!! How neat you were able to do that for them and every time you go in will see your work on display! Wish you lived closer, I would have you do my house...I am the WORST at stenciling!

  8. Found you over at The Mustard Ceiling. I've added a link to you in my blogroll at http://www.imagesouthfineart.com/blog/.


  9. Your stencil wall turned out great. I love the pale blue paired with the white stencil work. Good luck with your new venture, I wish I could have hired you to do my laundry room :). Your hair looks fabulous too.

    Thanks for linking up to the Mix and Mingle party today

  10. I just found you from the Mix and Mingle at the Mustard Ceiling and I am so glad I did! Happy to be a new follower! Love the new blog design as well!

  11. I have just come over from The Mustard Ceiling. I have long been a fan of stenciling and yours looks great. Will be following your blog.

  12. Great addition a great space now a fab space.


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