Today's guest blogger is Andrea from Willow Wisp Cottage.  Andrea and her family just moved into the most amazing house.  You will definitely want to follow along as they decorate their dream home.

Take it away, Andrea.....(seems weird typing my own name so many times!)

Andrea at the gorgeous Oak Ridge Revival has asked me to guest post in her series, Thankful Thursday. In amongst the unpacking and organizing of our new home, I've jumped at the chance to be included in her beautiful blog. Thank you for having me, Andrea!

I have so much to be thankful for, that sitting down to narrow it down to 5 for this post has been a challenge. I have decided to give this list a twist with 5 other things I'm thankful for, other than the obvious of family & friends, health, & my career.

My husband, myself and our two daughters

So here goes, the 5 other things I'm thankful for:
1. Without a doubt, the top spot is awarded to our NEW HOUSE!!

We moved in last week and have been falling in love with it more each day. Wow, do I feel blessed that we can own our own home, let alone one that I think is pretty snazzy.

2.  Our pets.
Perhaps an obvious choice, for a veterinarian =) Our pooch, kitty and 2 guinea pigs are a very important part of our family. My little Maggie was a rescue dog from a very horrible abuse case that my veterinary practice was assisting on. You would absolutely never know that this little primadonna had any strain in her life!  Bella, our cat,  was also a rescue case when her leg became gangrenous. We managed to save her leg, and now she's a sweet, feisty addition to our fur family!

3. Quilting
I started quilting when I was 14, but didn't really become obsessed until the past few years.  I can't wait to have more time to get creative in my sewing room!

A recent quilt I made for my daughter.
4. Blogging community
I mean really? Where else do you find such creative inspiration on a daily basis. It has been a year since I started blogging, and it still surprises me everyday how much it has inspired me and really changed my life!

5. A good book
I get so excited when I find an excellent book that I can submerge myself into. Currently I'm reading Margaret Georges "Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles".

Thank you so much for reading!  Visit me at Willow Wisp Cottage to find out more about myself and our new home!


  1. Hi Andrea, I just found your blog via Miss Mustard Seed and love your work. Would you mind sharing the paint color you have on your living room walls, it is gorgeous. Thanks Lisa

  2. Sorry I think it must be your kitchen and breakfast nook.


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