My close friends often refer to me as the "Queen of Good Deals".  It's a title I am quite proud of.  Sharing a good deal is one thing.  However, you certainly won't find me bragging about paying full price for a pair of designer jeans (my weakness).

I had planned on sharing this good deal with you on Monday, but I thought I would wait until it was photo worthy.  This is where the "Gone Bad" part comes in.  I'll go ahead and show you a sneak peak and then I'll break the bad news. 

So I bought this really cool, old, solid mahogany door from an antique store over the weekend.  
I knew it would work well as a mirror in our bedroom and I got it for a steal.  
It was marked $75 and everything last weekend was half off, so I got it for $37.50.  

Notice how the mirror sitting behind it is a tad short.  Well, it's actually sitting on the floor.  
Once it is set inside the door frame, it should fit perfectly. 
We inherited the mirror when we bought the house.  It has been sitting in our garage for two years.  
I took it to a glass store on Tuesday to have it cut to size.  
It only needed to be trimmed a few inches at the top and on the side. 

 I picked up the mirror today and carried it up to our bedroom (by myself).  It was REALLY heavy.
As I picked it up to set in inside the door frame, I noticed that it was a tad too wide to fit inside the opening.  DANG!!!  Here comes the "Gone Bad" part..... As I was lifting it up to set it down, I dropped the REALLY heavy mirror on my toe!!  Worse pain I ever had felt in my life, and I've had three children. Long story, getting longer, I almost sliced the end of my big toe off.  I'll spare you the pictures.  My husband had to come home from work to rescue me and fortunately, my next door neighbor is a nurse, so she also came to my rescue.

You'll be happy to know that I am going to live and keep my entire toe.  You'll be even happier to know that once the mirror gets another little trim, it will fit perfectly.  You'll be happiest to know that my husband it going to take it from here.  No more handling heavy mirrors for me. And lastly, I'm happiest to know that tomorrow I'll be on my way to a secluded lake eight hours from here to spend a long weekend with five amazing friends.  Looks like I'll have to dull the pain with a little, you guessed it, wine!  Don't fret, the fabulous Shelley, from Crazy Wonderful will be guest posting for me on Friday.

I'll be sure to show you the "Good Deal" all put together next week.  


  1. oh i hate when things like that happen! but your weekend sounds like the perfect remedy!
    i am hopping on a plane to LA tomorrow to visit my brother and help him on his house, and also see ali from my third true love! so excited!
    happy long weekend to both of us!

  2. Oh, ouch!! I hope you have fun and aren't in much pain.

  3. Glad you're toe is going to be okay. Oh, the measures we go to for beauty in our homes :) Enjoy your weekend away!

  4. Oh wow! Glad to hear you'll be ok. I'm sure the wine will help too;) Enjoy your weekend away!

  5. OUCH! Glad that you get a little R&R. Here I was thinking that the mirror wasn't going to fit, but that was way worse! Nice score on the door though!

  6. Do I know you??? Yes, cause you're just like me... something I would totally do!! In fact, I dropped an entire TV on my leg... took 6 months for the black and blue mark to go away it was sooo bad. I almost fainted... I really learned from that one... sounds like you did too...

  7. I can't get my face out of the scrunch it's in from hearing about your toe!!! I think I'm having sympathy pains over here! Soooo glad to hear you're ok, and that you're still able to get in your girl's time :D BTW, that mirror is going to be FAB!

  8. Girl, that sounds painful! What an awesome deal, though! The mirror is going to be amazing. Have fun and yay for Shelley!

  9. Oh girl!! You poor thing! Hope your toe is feeling better or at the very least the pain will be dulled by your weekend away with friends (and the help of a little vino!) Have fun!

  10. I am your newest follower over from Crazy Wonderful. :)

    Loving your blog and all your amazing home decor.

  11. oh girl - I'm glad you're ok! Have a great weekend - sounds like fun!

  12. Oh my!!! Your poor piggy! Glad it's going to make it! Have a great trip!


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