I promise this post has nothing to with Britney Spears.  

I made the mistake of giving myself some bangs over the weekend.  
Hopefully my awesome hair stylist, Becky, isn't reading this.  She will not be happy.  

I suddenly had the urge to have bangs and I'm very impatient.  
Even though I go see Becky every four weeks (to cover the gray), I just couldn't wait.  
Now I'll have them live with them until they grow out.  
I do this about every other year and I always immediately regret it.  

Oh well, it's just hair, it will grow back, right?
One of these days I'll learn.

How about you, ever give yourself a little makeover?


  1. Oh girl I'm trying to grow my bangs out right now too!

  2. YES, unfortunately I do the exact same thing, and repetitively like you. I see some picture in a magazine of a celeb with awesome bangs, and I don't have the patience to wait, so I grab my scissors and chop chop. Then I'm so embarrassed at my next hair appointment for my hair dresser to see. I don't know how I always forget that when ever I have bangs they stay clipped up or in a pouf. I can't stand the feel of hair on my face, but somehow, every couple of years, I'm convincing myself that I want them.

  3. I prefer bangs. I trim min myself all the time. They grow so fast.

  4. I have given my hairdresser strict instructions that no matter what I ever tell her, she is never to allow me to have bangs. Ever.

    Maybe if yours are long enough, you could French braid them into your hair line, along your face. That's what I do with my daughter's hair. {My son is the one who decided to give her bangs.} You can find a tutorial on Youtube that can teach you how to do this. Hope they grow out fast! :)

  5. I actually think they look good, at least from what I can see in the picture. :) I do this from time to time because like you I am impatient but as long as I don't cut them too short it works out ok (I don't have great hair to begin with so it's not a big loss if it's terrible, unfortunately!)

  6. haha! I was actually looking at old pictures of myself and considered this. Perhaps I should re-think that!

  7. I just got me some bangs a few weeks ago when I went in for a color. I'm actually liking mine but it took me a few days. :) I am too chicken to cut my own hair. I have had swamp green hair form coloring it myself at home so I've learned my expensive lessons on do it myself hair stuff. Maybe you should wait a few days and take another picture for us so we can see your whole face with bangs and we can vote. lol!

  8. It's kind of scary you posted this, because I just did the same thing this past Saturday...it's just hair...we all do impulsive things once in a while...you're not alone! LOL

  9. I am a hair dresser. I think you'll like them when your hairdresser straightens them up a bit and textures them a bit for you. If I were you, I'd let her keep them up for you month after month until you tire of that style. You have a pretty face and gorgeous eyes. Bangs or not, you are beautiful.

  10. You crack me up!!! Yes, I do that on the occasion too and ALWAYS regret it!!!


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