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Wendy (mark.edwards@fuse.net)

Thanks so much to everyone that entered!

When we were renovating our house, I had a ton of lighting choices to make.  
When it came time to choose the outdoor lighting, I was completely burnt out 
(ha ha, get it burnt out and lighting). 
Sorry, I still haven't had my Starbucks for the day.  I'm not nearly as clever without caffeine.  
Anyway, I ended up just picking out something simple and cheap because 
I didn't really know what I wanted at the time and I was tired of making decisions.  
I am ready to change it up now and here are a few options that caught my eye from Arcadian Lighting.

You can find it HERE for $89.82.

You can find it HERE for $94.00.

You can find it HERE for $216.

You can find it HERE for $324.  

Which one do you like?  

I was not paid or compensated in any way for writing this post. 
I simply like their lighting choices and think their prices are great.  

Hope you all have a great day!  My little boy has already torn through all his presents and had the biggest smile on his little five year old face when he left for pre-school this morning.

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