I have been up to eyeballs in flowers for the last couple of weeks, Posh Petals to be exact.  
For the past two years, I have been making Posh Petals and selling them around the holidays.  
I also give them as gifts often.  
My daughter is my walking advertisement, as she wears them in her hair almost daily.  

My good friend, Lisa and I did a show over the weekend.  I sold my Posh Petals. 

And Lisa sold these adorable shirts she makes.  We live in a town where high school football is the end all be all.  Our team is darn good and they have won the State Tournament more times than I can count.  The "H" stands for Highlands, the name of the local high school. Everyone in town loves to show their support for the Highlands Bluebirds and Lisa has been selling these shirts like crazy. 

We had so much fun putting our display together. 

These are all headbands. 

The rest have hair clips and pins on the backs so they can be worn in your hair, on your jacket, 
on your shirt, on your purse or on your scarf.  They can even be clipped onto a package to pretty it up. 

I brought my model with me.  She walked around the show, 
doing some shopping for herself, and drumming up some business for us.  


My daughter had a great idea and suggested I make Posh Petals for American Girl dolls.
Little Nikki got to go to the show too.

Now that my flower making is behind me for the holiday season, 
I am getting geared up to deck the halls.  
I do love Christmas, but I'm not one to rush into holiday decorating.  
My very favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and I want to thoroughly enjoy that holiday 
and spending time with my family before I hang any tinsel.  
I will be hosting my entire family at our house the entire weekend after Thanksgiving. 
There will be 16 of us under one roof.  I can't wait!  I had better get started planning.


  1. How pretty Andrea! And what a great idea to make them for the AG dolls too. I wish I could turn back the clock so my daughter would wear a sweet headband like this. They are so gorgeous! And your daughter is adorable!

  2. ca-ute!!! i love the branches with the flowers on them!

  3. Those are so cute and that is a GREAT idea to make them for American Dolls! I'm thinking of getting my daughter one of those dolls for Christmas this year.

  4. Those are really pretty Andrea!! Such vibrant colors and I love that you have the doll ones to match.

  5. Those are so pretty!!! My fav is the black and white polka dot one - so fun! And, what a great idea to have some for the dolls too :D

  6. Do you have an etsy site that you sell Posh Petals? Or take personal orders? I wold be interested in a few for my daughter. Thanks tricia

  7. So creative as always! I'm thinking you better be resting up before next week! :)

  8. Love these, Andrea! So fun and bright.


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