I wonder if Pinterest will lose its allure someday?  
While I am still completely enthralled with the time-sucking habit of pinning, 
I thought I might as well attempt a few of those great ideas I can't seem to stop pinning.  
This one seemed easy enough.

I found tons of inspiration for chalkboard trays.

Here is my version of the chalkboard silver tray.....

Just keeping it authentic people!
I could have styled it beautifully and snapped a few pictures, 
but yesterday was one of THOSE days, need I say more.
And to make matters worse, I am not a "Coors Light" kind of girl.  
However, I made do with what I had on hand.
The two of my three children who know how to read both asked me what this message meant. 
I didn't elaborate. 

The best part about the project is that I scored the tray for a mere $1 at the thrift store. 
It is a nice heavy Oneida silver tray.  
My feelings weren't going to be hurt had it not turned out like I planned. 

You can follow me here on Pinterest.

One of my friends actually created a board titled "Pins I have Tried".  
She pinned all the projects she has attempted so far. 
Let's just say, she has been a busy girl.
Love this idea.

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  1. Love this tray and the message too ;) I need to start doing some of the things I've been pinning!

  2. ooh i love the tray and may have to try this one! i also love creating a pins i have tried board! i may need to do that!

  3. I like the idea of your friend's board! I have tried alot that I pinned too. it's a never-ending list though of my somedays!

    I love what you did with this and cannot beat the price!!!

  4. Oh man, I had one of those days too but I had to wait until 7:00 to pop open a Miller Lite! I waited for a friend to join me so I didn't have to drink alone!

  5. Love the tray, but really love your "authentic" photo and comment...laughing out loud as I write this! Glad to hear you are not a Coors Lite girl, give me a tasty brew I say!

  6. Love this look! I bought a cheap silver charger from Hobby Lobby and plan to paint the middle for a similar look....great for listing menus on!

  7. I did this last year with a silver tray and I love it.... Very fun!

  8. It looks great, Andrea! And what a score on that tray!!

  9. I love it!!! This tray is much fun, even if you're not a coors gal ;)

  10. I need to do this, is what I said when I pinned it! Great idea!

  11. very cute! I did a similar tray last year and love it!


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