Today you will find me over at Lauren's fabulous blog, Cove & Grey.  
She invited me to share details of my very own sanctuary.  
Can you guess which room in our house if my sanctuary? 
Hint -  I normally sport my apron while hanging out in there. 

Be sure to check out Cove & Grey.  
Lauren is a talented designer and always has tons of inspiration to share.  
She just completed the design of this adorable office for her client. 
I love all that stylish storage. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a closet reveal.  
Things didn't quite go as planned and a I learned a valuable lesson. I will share all the details.


  1. You did a closet as well? We all have closet fever in January. Heading over to check out your guest post....and this pretty office!

  2. oo, excited to see your closet. Lauren's blog is great, can't wait to read about your *kitchen* adventures! Unless you wear your apron somewhere else! :)

  3. Thanks Andrea for the guest post! Such an amazing transformation :) Love your kitchen


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