A few weeks ago I ordered this map from here....
It is 29" x 58" and the perfect size for over the couch in the den/office.  
I've been researching different framing options and and quickly realized it will be a costly endeavor.
The map was only $32.99 so I was okay with spending a decent amount of money 
having it framed properly.  
However, last week, I popped into Hobby Lobby for a quick look around and out of habit, I made my way over to the 80% off clearance aisle.  And what to my wondrous eye should appear?
Why a custom frame matching the dimensions of my map, oh dear!
Well, almost anyway.  The frame was 33" x 59".  Close enough for $20!
I am having a mat added, so the frame should work perfectly.  

Here it is all empty and lonely....

And a close up....

I picked out this lovely linen like mat.

Adios to this big blank wall.  Well, after March 23rd that is.
That's when I can pick up the framed map.

I seem to have maps on my radar lately.
What's on your radar right now?


  1. Huge score on a fabulous frame!! I love maps too.....it's actually a sickness. Love the colors in your Kentucky one, and the scale for your room!

  2. I am excited to see the framed map. I love the colors and the size is wonderful, too. Map and frame were meant to be! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great deal - pays to check out those clearance racks. We don't have any Hobby Lobby's near us but it seems like they have some great inventory. Getting some new draperies in my master and some art work for our dining room. I just haven't come across the right art yet.

  4. Lucky you. You were in the right place at the right time. I don't know why it takes them that long to frame it. I hate to wait. Can't wait to see it up. That is going to be fabulous.

  5. can't wait to see it. finding frames can be really challenging. glad you found one to house that lovely map.

  6. Great find! Now you spend your extra money on more goodies!! :) Love the map!

  7. Very cool! Just stopping by to say hi, and that I'm excited to be a new follower!

  8. Oh, I love the linen mat and the map that goes in it! It is so hard to find art at the right scale (and price), good work.

  9. Both the map and frame are really cool, and I can't wait to see what the space looks like afterwards!

  10. Love it! Can't wait to see it in it's new home! Gonna look fab!!!

  11. Can't wait to see it up! I've actually got maps on my radar too. I really, really want an old school map that rolls up and down.

  12. You have the best taste/eye! This will look awesome!

  13. I am LOVING maps now! Can't wait to see it all finished, you are right, just perfect for the space.

    So happy to have found you now...and be part of the power bloggers with you. Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog so much better!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  14. Your daughter's bedroom is Ah-mazing!! Emily is smart to feature it! :)


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