TGIF, and I really meant that!  What a week it has been.  Between kids' activities, my husband being out of town, school PTA duties and design projects, I am completely EXHAUSTED! 
I am happy to turn it over to Holly from West Pear Avenue.  
I am a big of Holly's and I especially love her weekly Pattern Play series. 
Here is recent one.

She has such an eye for pairing fabrics.

Hi there Oak Ridge Revival friends! I'm excited to be popping in here today for Andrea's Friday Finds. Andrea and I recently discovered each other and our blogs and so we glad we did - 
I've been enjoying her projects and of course her great sense of style. 
And how about those chairs she picked up the other day? 
Can't wait to see how you make them yours, Andrea. 

On to my Friday Find...about a year ago I had picked up this shelf 
at a local furniture consignment shop.

I was immediately drawn to the detail on the side and the fact that I could actually use this shelf in our home somewhere (we don't have a ton of space for shelving so any ounce of shelving is huge).
Since I had been on the lookout for some sort of storage cabinet, shelving, something for our bathroom, I thought this had great potential to work in the bathroom and at the same time look pretty too. 
So I spray painted it yellow...

And now it's fully functional in our only full bathroom.

A few things have been moved around, but everything you see in this photo is how it looks today.
The bottom shelf has two small storage baskets from IKEA. The one on the left has our toothpaste, floss, Sheila's toothpaste, etc. And the basket on the right has my make-up. You can also see we store our Q-tips in a container and my make-up brushes are also on that same shelf. 
That bottom shelf is our use-it-everyday items - and it works really well.

Thanks again, Andrea, for inviting me over today!

My kids are on Spring Break next week so I will be taking the week off to decompress and spend some quality time with the family.  We have some really fun adventures planned and I'll be sure to fill you in (as soon as they go back to school)!

Oh, and I have to get one more GO WILDCATS in before the big game on Saturday.  
It's going to be some game.  Can't wait!


  1. that shelf is so cute! i love the color and shape!

  2. Oooohh aahhhh that is a great little shelf! Love the new color!

  3. Thanks so much for inviting me over Andrea! Hope you have a great weekend filled with R&R or at least a little bit.

  4. What a fab shelf and a fantastic makeover! Love it :-)

  5. That's such a great shelf. Her color choice really made it sing. Have a great weekend!

  6. Love the detail on the sides! It's the perfect cheerful color for the bath, pretty styling and great idea for storing your everyday products so they're accessible yet out of the way!

  7. LOVE the shelf, the details and the color you painted it, Holly. What a fun addition to your bathroom :)

  8. Hi, Andrea! Huge fan of Holly's here:) Love that yellow color, totally would not have expected it!! Can't wait to peak more around your blog:)

  9. Love Holly's blog - she always has a fresh perspective on design and some fun ideas. Great consignment store item and the color is fresh and fun.

  10. It's awesome, Holly! Amazing what a difference paint can make.

  11. A wonderful guest post and it the project looks amazing! Andrea, enjoy your Spring break ...



  12. love the color!!
    Have fun with your family!

  13. Wow, I LOVE that color...perfect to entice a smile. :)


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