Let me clarify, I heart Ikea on a Tuesday afternoon, not a Sunday afternoon.  
That place is an absolute zoo on the weekends. 
I was in the vicinity and I needed to pick something up for someone 
so I braved the crowd and I came out alive.

And I came a with a few great finds!
Like this classic khaki and white large buffalo check duvet cover (with 2 shams included).
It can be found here.
And now it can also be found here, on my bed.

Our old duvet cover was very heavy and I took it off a few months.
This duvet cover is light weight and lovely.

I also removed the stiff pillow forms from the stripe pillow covers 
and replaced them with some insert I had previously scored at Ikea.  

Big improvement over this.

Wow, just noticed those lamps. I think they could stand to be switched out. 
Looks like I will be on the hunt....

I also picked up the most adorable royal blue and white striped tray.  
I couldn't find it on-line, but I can't wait to break it out while having friends over to watch 
The Kentucky Wildcats stomp all over the other team. GO BIG BLUE!!

I never even stepped foot in an Ikea until about two years ago.  
I have never purchased any type of furniture or lighting there, 
so I can't quite vouch for that, but as far as everything else goes, I am a huge fan.

How about you, are you an Ikea fan or foe?  

On a separate note, my aunt, Suzan, is in the hospital and will be having some surgery today and I am hoping you could all say a little prayer for her.  If there is one thing I believe in, it's the power of prayer!


  1. i love it! it looks perfect! i also love their gray buffalo check rug! so awesome!

  2. Will definitely be praying for your aunt :)

    I'm loving the ties on that duvet cover! I went into my first Ikea a couple of months ago - amazing. Sadly, we didn't come prepared (as in a pull behind rental from UHaul) and couldn't get much. The closest one is 4.5 hours away :( Definitely want to go back. This time with a list, and a moving truck ;)

  3. Andrea I LOVE IT!! I just ordered white slipcovers from Ikea and a matching ottoman and luckily the slips fit my chairs, you should have seen my happy dance LOL! Saying a prayer for your aunt.

  4. I love it! As far as Ikea I have plans to go this week for the first time! Wish me luck. I will be going on a week day!

  5. I love the check! I love it when they surprise us with something a little more traditional! Yes Ikea on Tuesday = good, Sunday = headache! I can't wait to see the tray! Striped blue and white.... pretty!

  6. I've only been once and loved it. it's about 50 minutes to an hour away from us. I love your new duvet!

  7. Your new duvet is beautiful....it looks just gorgeous on your bed :o) I wish we had an IKEA nearby....I have only been once while on vacation.

  8. Said a prayer for your aunt. I love Ikea, I'm a big fan of Wednesday morning shopping there. We have some lighting which is amazing and looks so much more expensive at home than in the ikea store, and of course, we have 5 expedit cubby/shelves, you can't beat them for kid storage.

  9. I'm an IKEA fan -- for some things, at least -- but definitely not on a weekend! It's a mad house!! Saying a little prayer for your aunt.

  10. Hope the surgery went well. Your bedroom looks dreamy! Mine needs a makeover bad! Love the buffalo check.

  11. Your bed is so fresh and charming...I love IKEA...but not on the weekends (good point) and not if I have to put something together :)

  12. Andrea,
    I too love Ikea mid-week! Otherwise, I find myself curled in the fetal position trying to find my way around the 1,000s of strollers and people eating mini meatballs!

    Bought my girls bookcases, duvets and a light fixture and two tables that are used as their desks there. Perfect for those fun little extras.

    Love that duvet - I need a new one for my bed - Ikea, here I come!

  13. I love your room! The new duvet is perfect! Do you know the name of the fabric your curtains are made from? It's beautiful! Thanks! Andrea

  14. I love your room decoration ideas!
    I am an ikea fan too!

  15. so i've never been to ikea but i did call and they said i had to go into the store to purchase and have shipped....SERIOUSLY - if i went into the store i wouldn't need it shipped BUT thanks to FB check in one of my friends was IN ikea so my new buffalo check duvet is in her trunk - THANK YOU!!
    a) buffalo check is my newest obsession b) you saved me a TON of money!!!!
    hearts and hugs


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