I promise, this is my last post about maps, at least for a while.  
I picked up my framed map of the great state of Kentucky a few weeks ago.   

It feels right at home above the couch in the office/den. 
This wall sat empty since we moved into our home in 2009.
I was glad to finally fill it up.

I also did a little organizing in the office.  
I moved all the craft supplies to this spot so the kids could easily access them.
Plus, it's always nice to have everything in one spot. 


I still haven't made a decision about the grasscloth wallpaper in here.  
I did order a sample and I love it, but I'm thinking of doing some rug rearranging 
and I don't think the blue grass cloth will work with the rug I plan to move in here.

Maybe adding some grasscloth to the back of the bookshelves would satisfy my longing for now. 

My husband finds it annoying humorous that I change my mind so often.  
I find it refreshing! 

How about you, are you a fickle decorator?


  1. Will not tire of your maps.... such a nice touch (and educational to boot!) :) I think you must find a place for the grasscloth.... it will make this room so cozy. .... and yes, it is quite easy for me to give my opinion on other folks' interiors but I surprisingly come quite paralyzed when it comes to making decisions on my own home!

  2. I like that word - refreshing!! You are refreshing! And I think it's good to tweak your spaces over time. Love the map in there with the color of the wall & couch, and that throw is perfect!

  3. oh i love the new map! it is perfect! and i am gonna go with refreshing, because i do the same thing and that word beats fickle any day!

  4. Hi - I cam over from Hooked on Houses. Love your home and your style. Very real - very "a family could live here" not so much "beautiful but over the top expensive and impractical for real lives" In fact this is the first time I have commented on a Hooked House. Looking forward to reading more on your blog.
    kts from NE Michigan

  5. I love maps. It instantly adds interest. Great job

  6. I usually wait too long to move on things in my own home, and then I end up coming up with another option. But I think I finally made a decision about the window treatments for our bedroom (woo hoo!). I love this office/den area and that built-in desk area is so nice. You'll have to do another post to show us your sample of the grass cloth - I'd love to see it.

  7. love the new map!
    from the girl who has about 9 different paint samples on her walls - yes I'm fickle. it's annoying

  8. I have a thing for maps too, surely I have told you before...perhaps you are sick of hearing me say it, but I am not sick of hearing about yours! This one looks fab in the office. And yes to grasscloth in the bookcases. LOVE the rug too... tell me about it... it is the perfect color combo for a project I am working on!

  9. Love the big map! Hey, I saw "the commercial" last night filmed in your home!! I definitely recognized your red loveseat. ;) I was watching my beloved Reds via my MLB package since I am in Virginia. I must have missed when you shared how that came about. :)

  10. Where did you get your rug? I would like a red one!

  11. Andrea,

    I am a little fickle. Always something new. It's so easy to get bored :)

    Love your KY map!



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