Wow, what a week it was!  We had many adventures on our Spring Break trip this year. 
First stop, for my husband at least, was the practice round of the Masters on Monday afternoon. 
While he was enjoying a golf filled weekend, I drove three hours south 
to spend the weekend with my little sis and her family.  
On Monday, I packed up again and headed for Atlanta with the kids. 
We met my husband there and spent Monday night watching 
the Wildcats win the National Championship! 

Early Tuesday, we caught a flight to Fort Lauderdale.  
My husband I lived there briefly so we showed the kids our old stomping grounds.  
A few hours later, we were in a rental car headed south to Islamorada, one of the Florida Keys. 

We made it in time to unpack, relax and catch a breath-taking sunset.

We packed plenty of adventure into this trip since our kids told us they 
"are just not that into hanging out on the beach all day".  
Seriously, and they are my kids, I don't get it, but anyway, we aimed to please.  
We fed the fish, feared the sharks and even went deep sea fishing one day.  
It was four long agonizing hours for four out of five of us.  
My husband was the only one who didn't succumb to sea sickness.  
The kids and I were flat on our backs for pretty much the entire adventure. It was not pretty!

We did manage to fit in some downtime too.  You just can't go to Islamorada without spending a lazy day or two or three on the beach. Turns out they really enjoyed "just hanging out at the beach all day".
I certainly have no problem being a beach bum! 

After relaxing, it was time for more adventure.  
Our kids have been excited about swimming with the dolphins 
ever since we booked this vacation months ago.  We really hyped it up for them! 
Day two of our trip, my husband called to make a reservation to swim with the dolphins.  
Oops, they were all sold out!  We called every place in the Keys and there was not a reservation to be had.  They were momentarily very disappointed. Once we were able to make reservations for them to be down on the dock to personally meet and interact with the dolphins, their spirits were lifted.
It was the highlight of the trip!

On Saturday, we reluctantly left Islamorada.  We flew back to Atlanta and stayed the night there. 
Up again early on Sunday, we got all gussied up and hit the road.  Letting my I-phone lead the way, we drove north to make it to Easter Mass in Kennesaw, GA.  Since we failed to get any pictures of our entire family in the Keys, I made my husband find a quant spot on the side of the road and pull over.  
All right, kids, everybody out of the car again!  I propped he camera up on the hood of our car and hit the self timer button. Finally, proof we were all on vacation together. 

One last stop in Chattanooga, TN.  We lunched downtown and then hit Ruby Falls to tour the caves. 
I never realized caves could be so beautiful.  
I got some amazing pictures in the cave and I plan to have them printed and framed soon.

The kids were officially exhausted after the cave tour, so once again, we hit the road, 
this time headed for home.  
We arrived home late last night, and what do you know, the Easter Bunny came while we were gone. 
The kids quickly inhaled a little candy and then hit the sack.  
The alarm clock seemed extra cruel this morning.

Now, I  am officially exhausted. 
The End!


  1. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading that! On top of it all you managed to upload pictures and do a blog post, kudos to you girl! Looks like you had a great time and now I'm even more excited to head down south for Haven and our family trip! Happy Belated Easter!

  2. sounds exhausting! But of course, really fun. I'm sure your kids loved every minute of it!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I'm so ready for summer now!

  4. Looks like you had a great time. Oh boy, I am so with you on the seasickness thing. UGH!! Best parts for me would have been hanging on the beach, swimming with the dolphins, and of course the CATS big win. Have a great day,

  5. Looks like a great and adventurous trip, Andrea! So glad you had a good time.

  6. Holy cow, what a trip!!! Looks like you guys had a blast, and your pictures turned out awesome too! Now that's what I call a vacation :)

  7. gorgeous pictures Andrea. Beach pictures are my favorite.

  8. what a beautiful family! And looks like it was a fun break. I can't wait till my little guy is old enough to enjoy the dolphins, etc.

  9. Glad you had a wonderful vacation with the family Andrea - back to the grind!

  10. Self timer, I must learn to use that, since my husband keeps vetoing asking strangers to take out picture:)

    I love all of your shots, and the trip looks both super fun (dolphins!) and relaxing (reading on the beach!). Welcome home, I hope it's not too much of a shock readjusting to the daily grind:)


  11. We had spring break last week too! What a fun time with family and all the better because Kentucky won!!!!!


  12. Fun trip and my fav picture is the creature from the black lagoon emerging from the water.


  13. What a fun spring break! We should have gone someplace sunny...


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