My baby has his very last day of pre-school today.  It's bittersweet for me.  
Knowing my three children will be in school all day next year makes me a tad giddy 
and leaves me feeling guilty for being giddy. 
For the past 10 years, I have had a baby, toddler, young one at my side at all times.  
I have loved every minute of it, well, okay, almost every minute of it.  
I certainly wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world.  
Life goes on and my babies are growing up at a faster rate than I would like, 
but I am embracing it excitedly looking forward to this next stage in life. 

Here is the little cutie on his very first day of pre-school back in 2009. 

And here he is on his first day of pre-school this year (doing his homework)!

He has such loving teachers at his pre-school and
we wanted to give them something special on the last day.

This is what I came up with.....

 I started with these note pad sets from the Mara-Mi collection at Target.  
I really could have used one of these myself.

I used these supplies when making the flower pins we attached to the gifts:

1/4 yard of fabric
jewelry pins
hot glue gun 

First I cut approximately 12 circles of fabric. No need to be precise, a messy circle will do just fine.

Next you fold the circle in half.
(please ignore my neglected nails)

Then you fold the circle in half again.

Next you start attaching your petals to a felt circle with hot glue.
Keep adding petals until you get the desired fullness.

Lastly, attach the jewelry pin to the back of the felt circle with hot glue.

Add the flower to your package along with a printable gift tag 
and you have yourself an adorable teacher gift. 

My son has four teachers so I made one for each of them.

My husband and I are headed to Nashville today and I didn't get to see him off this morning 
(insert tears here), but my mom and my friend snapped a few pictures and texted them to me already. 

Looks like he picked out his own clothes (and accessories)!

Here he is with is best "girl"friend!  

I hated to not be there to give him a big hug and kiss on his last day of pre-school, 
but seeing these pictures sure made my day!

I still have a week and a half before my other two get out of school for the summer.  
I had better get my act together!
How about you, are you ready for summer?


  1. i am ending the same era next week. emmy's last day is next weds. i am feeling just like you... one minute grinning ear to ear, and the next minute crying... we'll make it! and we will enjoy our free time.
    cute gifts, too!

  2. Summer - ahhhh! I am not ready - but luckily, I have one more month til the kids are out!

    Your son and his girlfriend are the cutest! Love your teacher gifts - they'll be a hit.

  3. I know my tears will be flowing when my daughter starts pre-k next year. She's so ready but not me. She's growing up too fast.

  4. I have to admit that it's been hard (very) for me to 'revert' back to life with a baby....I thought that era in my life was over =). I have to remind myself how fast this stage flies by and to enjoy each and every day. Soon enough I'll have a bit more 'free time', but for now, enjoy my baby =) Your kids are out of school a lot earlier than mine (june 28). I have to admit, I'm looking forward to summer break with my 3 girls!

  5. Adorable! The flowers AND your son!!

  6. my youngest is going to be in kinder next year too. It is exciting...although I miss so much of their lives as it is. Your flowers are gorgeous. I didn't do a single thing for the classes or teachers this year, i was just overwhelmed. You crafty moms make us slackers look sooo bad ;)

  7. Your son is precious! I cried like a baby when my youngest graduated from kindergarten. I felt like time was passing me by! But be assured, you have many more years of giving it your all! Love the gifts you made...handmade is always more special!


  8. Wow..... yes, that's a big milestone.... but great things ahead for the both of you! Love your teacher's gifts. Have a great weekend in Nashville!

  9. It goes so fast doesn't it? It's amazing how much he changed during his preschool years! SUCH a cutie.

  10. Oh my gosh, he is so adorable especially in that photo with his friend. I've really been emotional lately thinking about my daughter and how big she's getting (turns 2 in August). Enjoy your weekend in Nashville!

  11. That first picture is TOO cute! It flies by, enjoy every minute!

  12. I remember the end of the era for me too....... no baby or preschooler at my side. When #6 went off I thought I would be bored or lonely - after so long what ever would I do with myself? I've let to be bored or lonely!


  13. What cute teacher gifts and your boy is just too precious! You thought you were sad for the last day of preschool - just wait until the first day of kindergarten! I barely made it out of the school without crying. Have fun in Nashville!


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