Back for round two of "Field Trip Friday".  This week's fabulous destination used to be ten minutes from my house.  Last year, it moved up north and it is a good 30 minute drive for me now.  
Just far enough to make it inconvenient for me to pop in often.  A good friend of mine kept telling me 
I needed to make the drive and check things out.  A couple of weeks ago, I happened to be in the vicinity, so I stopped in.  What is this fabulous store, you ask?  It's called Home Emporium.  

I've mentioned the store before because we when were in the middle of our renovation, 
I would stop in frequently.  I bought two Pella french doors there for $149 each.  
We were quoted $1,400 from Pella for a third one.  

I found so many great items on this little field trip.  I couldn't stop snapping pictures. 

I mentioned last week that I found "The Wishbone Chair" for even less than Overstock sells it.  
It was from this store.
Yep, that's right, $99!  I really am loving these chairs.  

I know these may be a tad trendy, but I love them too.

I have seen versions of this chair all over, but never with the metal back.  
Great detail and if I remember correctly, they were only $79 each. 

This table has Restoration Hardware written all over it, but without the RH price tag.  
It was only $1,188.  Wish it would fit in my kitchen!

I was digging this table also.  I think it would make the perfect desk. 

I am slightly obsessed with this coffee table.  

  Great media console with tons of storage. 

Massive wood and metal bookcase for just under $500.

I like how the inside of this cabinet was painted light.  

So wish I had a place for this. 

Light stained oak usually isn't my thing, but I love the simple lines of this piece 
and I think it would work great in a foyer.

They had tons of garden stools. This one was only $66.

What's not to love about this coffee table/ottoman. 

And this one too.  I didn't take note of all the prices, but I think this was $399.

If you are building or remodeling, this is the place for you.  These gorgeous arched doors were $1,300!
They get overstocks and returns from big window and door manufacturers.  
When we were renovating, I snagged two Pella french doors for $149 each at Home Emporium.  
We had Pella quote us $1,400 for a third one. 

Their lighting selection has drastically improved.   

All of their lighting was so reasonably priced.  
These gorgeous wooden pendants were around $100 each. 

Can you see the price tag on this beauty?  Just $49.00!

Tons of lamps to choose from, and again, great prices. 

Now I know it is completely worth the 30 minute drive.  
If you live in the Cincinnati area, the address is 600 Kemper Commons Circle, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246.  I can't swear that every store has the same merchandise, 
but there are Home Emporiums in the following cities as well. 


In addition to awesome furniture, they also sell granite, tile, cabinets, 
wood flooring, outdoor furniture and much more. 
I know it sounds like this is a sponsored post, but it's not.  
I just really like this store and I wanted to share with you all the fabulous things they offer. 
 Check it out if you live near one.  If not, it's worth a bit of a drive. 

Sunday is the big First Communion.  My son has been practicing all week 
and my husband and I have been working our tails off getting the house and yard ready for the party.
This is a big day for my son and I couldn't be more proud of him. 
Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


  1. i am dying over those coffee table/ottomans!!! awesome!

  2. Andrea what a fabulous store, wish we had one!! Blessings to your son on his First Holy Communion.

  3. What a place Andrea! I want to book my flight now to come visit just so I can tag along to go to this store. The lighting and the coffee tables are my favorites too - how fabulous! I bet you'll be checking this place out for some of your projects. Did you get a chance to talk to any of the employees? I'd be curious where they buy from and where they get their inventory. What a find - we don't have a place like that in Philly that I know of. Have a great weekend and a wonderful celebration of your son!

  4. Now that is a find! Well worth the 30 minutes if you have a list of things you need! Now they just need to expand to the Upper Midwest so I can visit! Have a wonderful time celebrating your son's first communion. We are on a different page of our parenting journey with our daughter's confirmation, so I'll be thinking of you too!

  5. This place looks fantastic! I don't know of anywhere within 50 miles of me that there is a place like this! I see many wonderful finds..great Pella snag!

  6. Looks like I'm going to have to move to one of those towns! I'm literally salivating over all that fab stuff!

  7. Andrea,
    What fun shopping! Your field trip was perfect....what did you buy?? I love that hanging lamp...
    Wish we had those here....in So. Cal..

  8. I'm not sure HOW I live in Cincy and do not know about this. FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for sharing. I can't get there fast enough!

  9. Great stuff..... I need to get myself up there! Enjoy First Communion!

  10. Blessings to your son. Since you and the Mister have all that experience in yard and house prep, please fly here to get mine ready for a graduation party. When you're done I will drive you home so I can go to the Home Emporium.


  11. Best wishes to your son.

    I hope the Home Emporium store is open on Sunday because we are busy today.;)

    I cannot wait to go there. Thanks for the tip!

  12. OMGGGGG - I need that RH table!! I cannot believe it's $1200 - that is a STEAL!!! Could ya pick it up for me pretty please?
    What an awesome store - I need one near me!!! So many amazing finds there - and the prices are so good!

  13. I'm ready to hop in my car and drive like a mad woman til I find this fabulous place! The lighting is amazing!

  14. I love the one here in Nashville - such great finds! Everyone around here usually just calls it "Southeastern Salvage" although technically I think the complete name is "Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium." Totally worth any drive!


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