I wasn't able to get out and about this week like I had hoped, 
so I going to show you some pictures form a local antique mall I visited a couple of months ago.  
It's called Florence Antique Mall and it's located in, you guessed it, Florence, Kentucky.  

I pop in there every few months and I normally just browse. 
However,  I did snag my boys' twin beds there a couple years ago 
for the low, low price of $220 for both!

On this trip, I came across several cool pieces, but I came home empty handed. 

For starters, I was digging this sleek brass bar cart. If I were to bring this puppy home, 
I would probably slather on a coat of Rub N' Buff to tone down it's shiny finish.  
You know how much I love to Rub N' Buff things!

This leather chair spoke to me for some reason. Maybe it was the modern lines.  
Anyhow, I liked enough to snap a picture and I think it would look great in a corner 
with a nice bright graphic pillow on it. 

This wooden box was only $19.95 an I'm kind of kicking myself for not buying it.  
However, I have a bad habit of buying boxes, baskets, containers and then struggling 
to figure out what to put in them.

But this one was so cool.  

Yep, another container, all rustic and industrial.  Love it! 

I went back to this painting several times.  Not sure if I've shared this, but I grew up on a farm.  It didn't quite look like this one, but I think that is why I was drawn to it.  Not to mention the gorgeous colors.
It was $35.  I just might go back for this one. 

I lingered around this piece for a while too, pondering what I could do with it.  
With a little work, it would make a great bench for a mudroom or great toy storage in a playroom. 

I always stop to look at card catalogs.  Apparently, this is an old pattern cabinet.  
Very cool, but again, not sure what use I would have for it.  
It was $480 in case you were wondering. 

I loved this chair, not crazy about the fabric, but maybe a subtle leopard print would work. 

This mirror caught my eye and was only $20.  
Hum, wonder if it's still there?

These afghans were not at the antique store, but I thought they were so very edgy.  
They were on display at Urban Outfitters. I love how they pieced together 
some old afghans to make a modern piece of art. What a fabulous idea!

That's all folks!  I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Thanks so much for stopping by this week.  
I promise to post the painted ottoman tutorial next week.  

Oh, and I am heading to Nashville next week and I need some shopping tips.  
Who can tell me where the hip stores are located, oh, and maybe a few quirky thrift stores too. 
I know Nashville has some great shopping spots, but I need some guidance!
Any help is appreciated. 


  1. We should meet in Florence sometime to do some shopping! Love that mirror and I have the same problem with boxes and baskets - it's a sickness! ;) Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I always get excited when I see a card catalog, which quickly turns to disappointment when I see the price :( Those boxes were pretty darn cool though!

  3. I always jones for a trip to the antique mart when I see these posts. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Do you follow Kristie from The Decorologist? She's in Nashville and she might have some good spots listed on her blog. And Lori from Lori May Interiors I believe has had a few clients in Nashville - she might also have a few spots listed on her blog.

  4. I've never been there but it looks like they have some good stuff.... I think you should go back for that mirror. I love the bar cart too..... on my "must-have" list. I recommend spending a little time in Franklin Tennessee (just an exit or two south of downtown). It's the most charming little town full of shops, bakeries, and restaurants. We always stop there on our way to Alabama and eat at Puckett's....... BBQ! Have fun!

  5. I haven't been to the Florence mall in a long time. I love the old boxes. Definitely my favorites :)

  6. I am with you on the old boxes. I always buy boxes and then I am never sure where they should go :) Have fun shopping in Nashville. Maybe Old Town Pottery?


  7. What an amazing store! Places like that are dangerous for me. I would have bought that mirror ASAP. Wish it was by my house. :-). Love the farm painting too.


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