I came across this double chesterfield yesterday when I was looking at an on-line auction site.
I think I actually gasped in horror when I first saw it.  It's kind of scary looking, right?
While this particular double sofa doesn't do anything for me, 
I am drawn to the idea of a using a double sofa or back to back sofas in a large room. 

Take out the middle section and this could make a really cool bed. 

Here are a few examples of how a double sofa can be pulled off in the right space.  

I personally like the look of two sofas back to back. Seems a bit more traditional to me. 

You would have to have a fairly large room in order to make this work.  
I'm thinking a TV on either side would work well.  My husband and I could still be the same room and I wouldn't be forced to watch River Monsters and he wouldn't have to suffer through The Bachelorette.

How about you, are you a fan of the double sofa look?  


  1. It takes a certain kind of room to be able to work a piece of furniture like that. In the right room, I think it can work, but it has to be done RIGHT. I envision a piece like that in a large, wood-rich, library or some other sort of "Man Space". I'm picturing a Polo lounge, Hunt Club or something like that. ;-)

  2. never thought about it, but I have a room that could pull this off. LOOOOONG. I like.

  3. I do like this look. Whenever I see a similar look in a magazine I really love it, but you're right the rooms are usually HUGE. But I like that it could create 2 different zones.

  4. In a large room it works really well. Sorry to hear about your dog - breaks my heart. Hope you're all doing okay!

  5. I am with you....two sofas would be adequate...plus can you imagine trying to move that sucker???? Whoa.


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