Another project completed.....  Remember this plan?

I never showed you the before pictures, but here you go.....
Just about everything in the room either got a makeover or was donated. 

The clients wanted something comfortable and soothing, with a little flair of color. 
That is exactly what they ended up with. 

The old dresser was replaced by this handsome piece I had been storing in my garage.  
I picked it up a couple of years ago with intensions of using it my own bedroom.  

The mirror was a total steal at the Ballard Outlet.  
It had a tiny flaw so my client was able to get it for $50. 
I'll show you the extremely clever way she repaired it later this week.  

The headboard, which I blogged about here, is the new centerpiece of the room.

This beautiful painting was our inspiration for color in this room. 
The tall chest got a coat of orange paint and some fun knobs were added. 

My client studied up on painting furniture and did a fabulous job transforming 
several pieces of furniture in the room, including this nightstand.  
They only had one to begin with, but we were able to score a similar one on Craigslist.  
She also did all the sewing, including this lovely striped bedskirt.  

We added a simple gallery wall with sentimental art and photos. 
My talented client even reupholstered this chair in the corner.  
It is now the perfect spot to curl up with a book and relax.

We displayed some the client's photos from travels above the bed (framed in simple Ikea frames).

The bench at the bottom of the bed is awaiting its makeover.  
We are thinking a bleached wood look might work.  
I will keep you posted on that one. 

I was so excited to see this room completed and I know my client was as well.  
She said it's so peaceful comfortable, she is having trouble keeping her teenagers out of there.
Turns out, it is the new sanctuary for the whole family.  
For some reason, I don't think that's what she originally had in mind! 

Happy Monday.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  
Two more days until school starts, but again, who's counting!

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Andrea for my beautiful new room. Everyone loves it.


  2. Great Job to everyone! It is beautiful!


  3. What fun! A great design + a talented, motivated client = a beautiful end result! Kudos to all!

  4. i LOVE it! beautiful! and the headboard is so so similar to mine except my wood is a little more rustic but i had my neighbor make it after the sundance one, too!!!!

  5. Seems like that's always what happens! We always want to hang out in whatever room is recently updated!

  6. Such a pretty room! I love the colors and the combination of wood tone and painted furniture!

  7. I LOVE that headboard! Looks like a totally different room now!

  8. Such a lovely room! That headboard is GORGEOUS. I can see why everyone would be hanging out in there :)

  9. It's lovely. How great that the two of you were able to work so well together to create this retreat :)

  10. Andrea, it's like night and day! Your client must be thrilled - what a beautiful update. Love the work that your client did on the pillows and bedskirt too. Big high five girl!

  11. LOVE!! I am keeping my eye out for a sunburst mirror i NEED one!

  12. So pretty....love the warmth the bed brings into the space. It is a purdy bedroom now!!!

  13. Nice work! Love the orange chest and that patterned fabric you used. So unexpected, but not overwhelming because of the other soothing colors in the room. Just signed up to follow along with you. I'd love it if you came by for a visit and followed along with me too!


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