When I am out and about, I always snap a few I-phone pictures of things that catch my eye. 
Most often, I come home empty handed.

This gigantic glass lamp at Anthro had me drooling.  
The price tag, on the other hand, did not. 

Yes, I'm a little obsessed with brass and this assortment at an antique fair peeked my interest.  
I went home with three brass swans.  

Next stop, Ballard Designs Outlet.  I have no use for these pretty pale pink chairs, 
but one or two of them would look mighty fancy in a little girl's room.

I love the look of these oversize glass vases.
I should have noted the price, because I can think of a million uses for these.

This canvas map would make quite the statement.

I was seriously digging this orange settee.  Wish I had a place for it. 

Someone needs to go snag this round bone mirror. 

So, I like the wicker console and the wicker x benches, but not together.  
One or the other would be enough for me. 

Next stop, Grandin Road Outlet.  I kept going back to this red chair.  
I ended up leaving without it, but I definitely did a double take. 

And a white version of the Louis ghost chair.

This quirky metal arrow caught my attention.  Odd as it was, I bought it.  
Apparently, it qualified as wall art which happened to be 50% off that day.
It's hanging in the playroom now.  I'll show you soon.

Now, on to TJ Maxx. 
Gotta love this place.  Where else can you score a wicker chair, 
a purple bra and some strappy sandals all in once place.

I definitely don't need anymore toys or stuff in my house, but if I did, 
I could hide them away in these awesome canvas storage baskets. 

Since Target is my second home, I snapped a picture of these great round storage ottomans. 
I love the nailhead trim.

Yes, I've been all over the place lately.  
This child size vintage beverage cart was for sale
at a huge outdoor antique show I attended over the weekend.
I didn't buy it, but it was so darn cute. 

As was this child size library cart. It was sold before we got to it. 
Believe it or not, I came home completely empty handed from the show. 

However on the way home, we stopped at three, yes, you heard me, three different TJ Maxx stores.   My friend was on the hunt for a particular pillow sham.  
She found the sham and I made small purchases from each TJ Maxx.  
So much for coming home empty handed. 

I didn't buy this super cool bench, but it would look so fabulous at the end of a bed. 

I really am more of a browser than a buyer.
How about you, are you a browser or a buyer?  


  1. great finds! i am a brass animal whore, too- love them!

  2. What fabulous finds. I love those metal chairs.

  3. Oh how I love browsing (and buying). I think I appreciate browsing more in some ways, because rarely do I get to spend the time doing it since it seems like I always have a kid with me! I saw those canvas maps at Ballard too - really digging them.

    What antique fairs do you go to? Looks like there is a lot of great stuff!

  4. I am a browser, mostly. Like you, though, somehow I always seem to find a little something that comes home with me, a too good to miss deal. I also ofter find goodies for my clients, which helps me justify the time spent!

  5. Such great stuff!!! Girl, you have some amazing outlets!!! Ballard! Im jealous!

  6. Great finds! I am for sure more of a browser than a buyer. Or I think I'm going to be a buyer and then when it's time to checkout I decide I don't really need it. Or I buy it and then buyer's remorse hits and I return it. Yup, I should just stick to browsing!

  7. y'all have some super places to shop - i went to the flea market with grand ideas but unless i wanted a squash shaped watermelon, chicken or used shoes that isn't the place - we have one good homegoods store and a pier one but i did score an awesome sunburst mirror made from pallets (i put it up on the blog along with lots of house updates) on facebook....49 inches high/wide $100 yep! SCORE!

    i need to come shop with you!!

  8. I'm usually a browser too unless I know that it's definitely something that will be used or will look REALLY good in our house. I think of projects usually first and then our own home. Those big glass jars are awesome. I think my husband will croak if I bring another piece of glass into the house, but it's so versatile and you can't go wrong. I love all of those brass objects too - where was that market? You've got some great shopping around you. We don't have a Ballard store near us at all.

  9. Love your reflection in the mirror at the antique show. Burlington? Nice hat!

  10. I love those rattan dining chairs - want them for my dining room :)
    You've found lots of beauties on your travels this week!

  11. I think we need to shop together - you can keep me under control and limit my spending sprees!

    But I would have loved to snap up a couple blue versions of your favorite red chair - they would look amazing on my patio!

  12. I'm a browser, but if I had the funds I'd definitely be a buyer. Crap... I want to go shopping now.

  13. I am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me. Might take you up on that home advice you.


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