I bought this mirror at Target a few weeks ago. 

It used to look like this.....

It took the place of a  this small chalk board/cork board/key holder in our mudroom.

I didn't need another chalkboard or cork board in the mudroom 
since we have this massive thing on the opposite wall.

However, I did need a spot to hang my keys.
I added these hooks, which I took off of the old cork board.
Since the mirror hangs right next to the door we come in and out of many times a day,
this is the perfect spot to hang our keys.

Looks like someone needs to go out.... 
(I told you he likes to be in all the pictures)

It's kind of nice to be able to do a quick check in the mirror on my way out the door.
You know, just to make sure there's nothing in my teeth or my hairs not looking all crazy.


  1. this is such a genius idea! i love it- perfect solution to get a little more storage.

  2. Can I just say (again) how much I love your mud room? And how did I miss that amazing chalkboard of awesomeness?? So great!!

    (P.S. - I get a preview of my new blog design from Elizabeth this week - SOOOO excited!!)

  3. Fabulous hook idea! I have a mirror right next to my back door but it's my husband that always needs to look in it on the way out!


  4. Great idea to keep keys accessible, visible and definitely organized.

  5. Excellent! Great place for both keys and mirror :)

  6. Look how big da puuuppyyy is getting.



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