Part of my backyard currently looks like this....

There was a lot of this going on Saturday....

And right now, we are left with this.... 

And this is hanging out in the back yard too....

In the midst of all the destruction, we had a landscape architect come over and draw this...

I'm sure it looks a little crazy to you with all the arrows and such, 
but it was pretty amazing watching this woman work. 

She spent some time measuring the space and then talking with us about what we 
plan to use the space for and what we had on our "wish list". 
I showed her several images I had pinned as inspiration and wah lah, we ended up with this.

We will likely start on the plan this year and hopefully finish 
everything up next year.

Here are a few things we are planning to incorporate into the backyard design.

An outdoor fireplace is number one on our wish list. 

We are hoping to expand our back porch a bit and screen it in.   

We would love to have some sort of entry gate added to the backyard, 
along witha ton of low maintenance, lush landscaping.

We would like to replace the ugly concrete with a stone patio similar to this.

All images can be found here

If all this ends up happening, 
I think I'll just pitch a tent right next to the fireplace and live here year round.
I'll be sure to have a backyard warming party, and you'll all be invited!  


  1. Gorgeous! So exciting.... will you have the landscaper do the hardscapes and do some of the rest yourselves? The outdoor fireplace is an especially wonderful idea. Looking forward to seeing it come together Andrea!

  2. Holy moly, fabulous!! That last photo is to die for, our back neighbors have a fireplace and pizza oven, I can't tell you how much fun it is to party on their patio!

  3. ooooooh so dreamy!!!! how exciting for you!

  4. This looks FANTASTIC!!! I love all of the ideas you have there - and an outdoor fireplace would be AMAZING. Can't wait to see what you put together!

  5. Oh wow!!! All of those features look so dreamy! I think an outdoor fireplace would be divine!

  6. I'll be over for a visit - and will bring wine and food :) Wow, did she draw that on the spot while meeting with you and your husband? That's really impressive. Pinterest is such a great tool for gathering a wish list for a project like this. The fireplace is a wonderful addition to what appears to be a great place for the family to enjoy. Looking forward to updates.

  7. Oh my gosh, Andrea, your plan looks amazing!!!!!!! I am living vicariously through you - I can't wait for you to get started on this project - an outdoor fireplace????? Awesome! I had one at the house I grew up in and didn't appreciate it until I grew up and realized what a big deal it is to add one. It's on my dream list too, for sure, after about 75 other major renovations :)

  8. What can I bring to the party? I make a mean margarita!!


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