Apparently all pre-teen girls love the girl color purple, any and all shades of it.
My daughter, who, as of lately, has an opinion about EVERYTHING, 
has requested that we update her room. My first response was "Say what, we just updated your room!".
She then went on to explain that she basically just wants to add a little purple to the mix. 
I can live with that.  

Since I like to control manage things around here, I quickly took matters into my own hands, before she got a hold of some neon purple fuzzy thing with sequins (not that there's anything wrong with neon purple things with sequins). I picked up a couple yards of this fabric earlier in the week.

I'll have some large pillows made similar to these from etsy.

I wasn't sure that little dose of purple was going to satisfy her, so I also picked up a can of this....

I have a few thoughts on where this purple spray paint might be going, 
and I promise to keep you posted.

As a reminder, this is how the first makeover turned out.....

I did not want to repaint the walls or ceiling.

I am also pretty adamant about this chair staying put. 
Even though she is "SO OVER PINK!"

She might be my most difficult client to date. 
Wish me luck!

Have a glorious weekend. 


  1. ooh i can't wait to see where the purple goes!!! maybe on her bistro chair? the sitting chair frame? the chandelier????
    what a picky client you have. ;)

  2. The purple is going to look fabulous and I love that pattern - beautiful!

  3. Love the fabric and think it is the perfect way to bring in a pop of purple while maintaining the wall color and the other more fixed elements!!! Can't wait to see what gets painted... I have been doing some updating in my daughter's room recently, luckily she is still in Chile and had given me a few ideas before she left. It is going to be a welcome home surprise so I hope she likes it and I don't have to make to many changes....

  4. Oh man I love the color scheme that was in the room already - the blues and florally fabric! But I know you will work your magic once again and the purple is going to be a fun and fresh change.

  5. That fabric is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do with that paint can...


  6. I'm anxious to see where you go with this. I'm in the middle of decorating my daughter's room, too.

  7. Love the fabric and it will be perfect for her room. Even a new lumbar pillow in that fabric for the chair would be a good compromise too.

  8. Wow, that must have been pretty challenging and fun having your little girl as a client. But you’re definitely true; most girls would love to have purple painted walls in their room. And not just in their rooms but likewise in their accessories or other things. It may sound weird but my colleague already of 30’s is very fond of pink. Most of her things are color pink as well.


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