Back in the Spring, the sweetest woman, Anne, contacted me about making some changes in the home she shares with her husband and six kids. You read that correctly, six kids. 
They had two biological children and they ended up adopting four more children from China. 
They are one amazing family!
 You can read more about their story herehere and here.

Since they added so much "life" to their family, they really wanted to add some life to their home. 
My main objective was to add some much needed color to the family room and foyer.

Here was our plan..... 

We started here......

And now.......

The drapes were custom made and really bring "life" to the family room.

The bookcase from Ballard added storage and display space to the kitchen area. 

This is how the foyer looked before....

And now, after adding cherished family photos and the thin console that was in the kitchen 
(now painted BM Hale Navy).

We also added the rug to bring even more color into the foyer. 

The dining room gets a ton of use in this house.  The kids use it as their homework station.
We made a few simple changes in here.

This is where we started......

Walls were painted BM Hale Navy.
We added some original art from China, a gorgeous card catalog/buffet and some simple lamps.

Why oh why do builders insist on putting thermostats right smack dab in the middle of a wall?

We added some square frames with oversize linen mats to help disguise the thermostat. 
Pictures from their travels to China will fill the frames. 

I purchased these gorgeous drapes from an estate sale.  The worked perfectly in this space.

I was in a hurry on the final install day 
and I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked. 
I plan on stopping by soon to take a few more.  I will share them soon.

Now that we are well into our back to school routine, I am busy again working.
It seems like people always want to take on decorating projects right before the holidays. 
I know it's only August, but my upholsterer/seamstress is already booked out to mid-October.  

If you are interested in working together to create a unique and inviting space in your home, 
feel free to contact me here

A huge thanks to Anne (and her amazing family) 
for allowing me to help create a space that truly reflects their personalities.


  1. Beautiful Andrea! You have totally livened up the spaces with your thoughtful selections. Love the fabrics as well as the furniture pieces. I'll bet you have some happy clients!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the drapes in both spaces, and the dining room color is gorgeous with the pop of color from the artwork. Well done! I love seeing design plans come to life - so much fun.

  3. Very pretty! The colors you've chosen are wonderfully rich. Love the accessories too.

  4. oooh i love those new blue walls! fabulous!

  5. Andrea, I love how you pulled those spaces together. The foyer with the gallery wall & Hale Blue console looks so finished now, and I love the blue in the dining room too. Also that piece from Ballards is perfection on that wall - is that the same one you have? I'm obsessed and want one. Lucky clients to have you working with them!


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