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It turns out that I don't really need a deadline to get things done, the fact that my house literally falls apart when I take on a project is enough motivation for me to get it done!  
I'll start with the pretty pictures and then delve into the ugly truth in another post. 

Now, for the pretty pictures, here is the new and improved closet....

It all started with this $5.00 vintage lantern I found at the thrift store. 

I added the wire baskets for more storage.  
I already had the corduroy bins and they hold purses, hats and a few summer items. 

I ended up purchasing the wire hangers wrapped in velvet.  I bought them at Homegoods. 
They take up less space and there is zero chance my clothes are slipping off those babies.  

I picked up this brass tray at a junk/antique store our on Christmas adventure trip.  
I loved it at first sight and it's perfect for corralling more jewelry.  

I love the fact that is is tarnished, old and imperfect. 
The plate is from Pottery Barn, the frame is from Homegoods 
and the little black box if from the thrift store.

I framed the poem "Footprints" and added it to the closet.  
A very good friend gave me this poem a few years ago when I was going through a rough time. 
I love that I can start each day being reminded of this great message. 

I have been mulling over ways to use these antique doorknobs we inherited with the house. 
 I was thinking of using them as hooks, but for now, I kind of like them on display. 

Last night, I stopped in Hobby Lobby and picked up these knobs for the dresser.  
I took most of the pictures yesterday afternoon sans the knobs. 
The screws were silver and I added a hint of Rub N' Buff to the tops of the screws. 
I just couldn't help myself. I haven't Rubbed N' Buffed anything in about a month. 

Next to my new jewelry display, I have a mom bulletin board.  

I like to hang special things my kids make/give me here. 
It's just an old blank canvas covered in some fabric. 

The stripes turned out great (the second time around, that is).  
I ended up painting the entire wall Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige 
and then did the stripes with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. 

Here's a shot without the light on.  I love the lantern, but it casts some strange shadows in there. 
The dresser got a coat of cream paint and now blends in much better with the rest of the closet.  

Ahhh, all finished!  Sure felt good to scratch this makeover off the list. 

Just to remind you, this is how the closet looked last week.  

And this was my inspiration board.

I'll share the valuable lesson learned tomorrow.  
For now, I am going grab a cup of hot tea, my kindle, 
hang out in my closet and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Kidding, maybe!

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  1. Oh boy, hopefully it wasn't too bad! it does look great though. I love the wire baskets and the stripes!

  2. All of your sentimental touches are perfect, Andrea! That lantern is gorgeous, what a score, don't know that I'd be keeping it in the closet!

  3. Nice work! Love the addition of the stripes and those wire baskets are fantastic! I find that being able to SEE things that I'm using is exceptionally helpful in maintaining some semblance of organization. ;-) And boy do I hear you on the house falling apart when you're focused on a project. I think (no, I KNOW) that's what helped me push through the painting of my kitchen cabinets.

  4. I love that your closet is organized and pretty - not stressful to enter like mine!! And the fact that you can fit a dresser in there - that is so awesome!! Great job!

  5. That looks like a ton of work, but what a transformation! It's all about the details and you made this room shine. I bet you love getting dressed!

  6. it looks awesome! it is amazing what some lighter colors will do for a space! love the stripes!

  7. That jewelry display is awesome! Such a great idea! I'm super jealous of your closet!

  8. Great organization. Wish my closet looked that nice. Something yet to work on.

  9. I love a clean and organized closet. We have his and hers closets, and thank goodness as my hubby doesn't share the same obsession with organization that I do. Great job on your space!

  10. wow, you work quickly! I can't believe you did that all in a week!

  11. Looks so fantastic!!! You were a busy lady!!!

  12. Very impressive! So pretty and functional at the same time!

  13. We love the updates you made to your closet, Andrea! You used your HomeGoods finds wisely!

  14. I don't know how long I would keep it looking so great, but I would promise to try!

  15. Such a neat jewelry idea/project with the old window frame!

  16. You're killing me here - the lantern, the old window, brass tray, old doorknobs, wire baskets ... are we twins separated at birth?!

  17. Looks fantastic!
    Love the stripes and the jewelry board.
    Footprints is one of my favorite religious
    stories too.
    Great one!
    Have a great weekend,

  18. So many fun details! I love the glass knob and that brass tray. And the old window jewelry holder. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up to the challenge. Karah

  19. So glad to see you linked up to our challenge - I really love the old window in there!

  20. Such a lovely closet. I'm digging the jewelry window frame holder!

    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge!


  21. Great organization!

    Where did you get the wire basket from?

  22. Great organization! Love the jewelry holder.

    Where did you get the wire baskets from?


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