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Since it looks like the rain, snow and cold are finally settling in here, I will most likely be bombarding you with projects around the house. I tend to get a tad antsy this time of year since we are stuck inside.

First up, the closet makeover.
Yesterday I purchased the wire baskets and I investigated the hangers.  I brought home some of the wire hangers that are covered in velvet.  If I end up using them, I need to get my hands on 125 more.  
I was originally planning to buy the wooden hangers from Ikea, but when I ran across the ones covered in velvet, I thought they seemed like a great option.  Clothes sliding off the hangers is a bit of a problem in our closet and I think it would be even more of a problem with the wooden hangers. 
Velvet versus wooden - what's a girl to do?  Any advice?

I also finished turning the old window into a jewelry display.  It was quite the process.  

It started out looking like this...

And now it looks like this....

The first thing I did was take it outside and break out the glass with a hammer.  It was exhilarating! 
I did get a few strange looks from a neighbor. 
Next I used metal cutting scissors (very technical term) to trim the wire backing to size. 
The backing is from an old fireplace screen that was here when we bought our house.
After that, I attached the wire backing to the back of the window with small "U" shaped fasteners.  

I added some "S" hooks that I purchased at Lowe's to hold the bracelets and earrings. 

I also added cup hooks at the top for the necklaces. 

I bought this old window from an outdoor antique show years ago.  
I was never quite sure what to do with it.  

So glad I finally found a use for it.  

I was feeling ambitious today and I tackled the stripes. 
I mixed it up a little with the colors and I love the way it turned out.
 I will show you next week. 

The only thing left to do is to paint the dresser.  
Since I loathe sanding and priming, I am thinking of either making my own chalk paint 
using Carmel's instructions or maybe biting the bullet and ordering some Annie Sloan chalk paint.
So it appears that having a deadline for finishing a project is just what I need.  Go figure!
How about you, does a self imposed deadline work for you?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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  1. love the jewelry holder!! such a great idea!

  2. Love it when a project comes together with something you already have. I need to follow your lead, because jewelry storage is a problem for me. My attempt at a jewelry tree (think branches) was an epic fail.

    Deadlines are good. For me, throwing a party is what gets me going. ;-)

  3. The jewelry holder looks great!

    I purchased the velvet covered hangers at Coscto to replace my assorted plastic hangers. I love the way they look in my closet. I did have one break already and because they grip the clothes it can be a chore to get turtlenecks on and off the hangers. I saved some white plastic hangers for that purpose.

  4. What a fabulous way to re-invent and old window, nice job! I like that you can see every piece you own, this inspires me to consider my options!

  5. Wow! You know how to get things done! Looks great! I highly recommend the velvet covered hangers. I've had the wooden ones in my closet before and, honestly, while they look nice, they just take up too much space..... great for a coat closet for guests. I switched to the velvet ones and I love them. They look great; prevent slipping; and are slim to allow for more space for more clothes... :) Can't wait to see the finished closet!

  6. Great idea! I love the look of old windows and you made it very useful and pretty!

  7. i love that! such a pretty way to organize your jewelry! i need to do something like that but there is no room in my closet to hang it and i don't know where else to put it!

  8. Oh, Andrea that has me not liking my jewelry storage so much! I may even have a window up in my garage! Can't wait to see the closet all come together!

  9. Oh that turned out great!! I have it on my to do list to organize my jewelry. It's out of control!!

  10. First of all--I love your blog, and your home is just incredible. You have done a great job with it!! I'm not a blogger myself but live in a restored 1909 home and love to read about everyone else's restorations. Of all things, I had to post about the hangers! I started getting the velvet ones at TJ Maxx, usually in packs of 18 for $4.99 or so. LOVE THEM!!

  11. I too am on a project frenzy with the snowy weather we've been getting =) looking forward to seeing all of yours =)

  12. I am inspired by this project as I am looking for ideas to organize my jewelry. It looks great, Andrea!

  13. Loving the jewelry board, Andrea!! It came out great! Your new year is off to a productive start!!

  14. I love the jewelry board too. Curious, will you be able to keep it on the floor without knocking it over, or are you going to hang it on the wall?

  15. Are the top sections just the wall behind the window panes, or did you put same backing on? I love it! And I need one! If you ever want to mass produce them, sign me up! I bought wooden hangers and *love them*! I use the little plastic things that you slide on the ends to hold slippery stuff. (I think I bought them at container store?) I've never seen velvet hangers before but they sound absolutely posh!


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