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Often times a client will contact me needing my help making rooms in their home flow together. 
I am a firm believer in mixing things up, but there are certainly ways to design 
each room in your home to have it's own distinct look, but still feel cohesive to the rest of the house. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating you design a Tuscan kitchen to open up to your sleek modern dining room. Even if you use the same mustard yellow in both rooms, 
they just aren't going to flow.

Fortunately, my new clients didn't have a Tuscan kitchen or a sleek modern dining room, 
but they did have a large two story foyer that needed some serious attention.

They haven't lived in their home for very long, but they had already chosen some great colors for the two rooms on either side of the foyer. 

On one side of the foyer is a home office which was painted Behr Navajo White.

On the other side of the foyer is a sitting room which was painted Sherwin Williams Ryegrass. 

They wanted to keep those colors, and paint the foyer a different color, 
but they wanted it all to flow nicely from room to room.

First, let me show you a few before shots of the foyer.....

and this is our plan of attack.....

That brass builder grade light fixture will be replaced with something a little more funky.  
We also chose these modern flush mount lights.  Unfortunately, they are on backorder. 
If we can't find something we love just as much, we'll be patient. 

Paint Color
We are going to use one of my favorite neutrals, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.
This color works nicely with the color of the office and sitting room.

My clients are still on the fence about painting their banister glossy black,
 but I hope in the endI can convince them.  It will look FANTASTIC!

We ended up switching out the butterfly art with something a little bolder.
My client has traveled to some amazing places for her job and she has 
beautiful photographs that I want her to show off.
We will also do a gallery wall of family photos on the second floor landing.

We will add this metal and rustic wood console to the foyer, 
along with a black mirror, a bright green lamp and a few accessories.

This stripe rug we will be using in the foyer also helps to make the three rooms 
in the front of the house to flow nicely. 
Plus, who doesn't love stripes!

Most everything has been purchased, the painter and electrician are scheduled and
we've got a birthday party as our deadline. 

I love a deadline.  Really, I do.  
I helps me get my rear in gear and it helps the client not drag their feet on making decisions.  
I promise to have some after shots for you very soon. 


  1. love the design and you know i love that you are bringing in a little blue! :)

  2. Love this Andrea, the foyer color is the perfect marriage of the other two colors and I am loving the punch of black in the frames, lighting and console legs. Can't wait for the reveal!

  3. Oh the lighting is gorgeous, Andrea. Your changes are going to make their spaces so much more cohesive. Great design!

  4. Great lighting choice! I just bought something similar for a project for over the dining room table, I love a good black fixture!

  5. Would you mind sharing information on the rug? Love the colors and it would work great in my entry, too.

  6. I know exactly what you mean about a deadline! Your plan is perfect for tying it all together, the lighting will be gorgeous, especially with a black banister! :) Fingers crossed they go for it.

  7. I want that lantern SO bad!!! The banister going gloss black will be killer! They HAVE to do it!!!


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