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Back in November of last year, 
I found out about this great new local outlet from Emily at Go Haus Go.  
Jenny from Evolution of Style and I were going to meet up and do some shopping.
Well, that pesky little appendix of mine had to removed and it kind of derailed our plans.
Once I was on the mend, I made several trips there.
Jenny and her husband also ventured down to the Cincinnati area to check it out.  
She posted about it here.

I have told several friends about this outlet it and we have all gotten some great deals there.
I feel like I'm hiding something from you guys and I need to come clean.

It's called Bargains and Buyouts.
There are two locations. 

7600 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45239
(I visit this location about twice a month)

2290 Dixie Highway
Hamilton, OH  45015
(I have been to this location once)

Here is my favorite Bargains and Buyouts find so far......
(the sofa, not the cute little puppy)

I had just gotten a bid to have this love seat reupholstered in a cream neutral fabric. 
But when I walked into Bargains and Buyouts and saw this beauty, I knew it was meant to be.
I should also mention, they love to Bargain at this outlet.  
Even if you don't ask for a lower price, the sweet gentlemen I normally deal with, will offer one.
I brought this sofa home for $400.

From what I have gathered, Bargains and Buyouts gets returned merchandise 
from online retailers such as Overstock.com. They then re-sell it. 
The tags were still on this sofa and there was not a mark on it. 

This sofa is so comfy.  
I grab my cup of tea and my laptop every morning once the kids leave for school and head to this spot.

I have picked up several other great items from Bargains and Buyouts.  
I'll snap a few pictures today and show you tomorrow. 

Warning, the location on Colerain Avenue seems a little creepy when you drive up.
There is a large sign visible from the street, 
but you have to drive around back to get into the warehouse.
Dress warmly, there is no heat.

The outlet in Hamilton is much larger, has heat and is very organized. 
That location is a bit of a hike for me.  Therefore, I've only shopped there once.

Ah, I feel much better now.  Like a weight has been lifted off me.
Happy Shopping friends!


  1. What a great resource, creepy wouldn't keep me away either!! :)

  2. $400?!? Shut. UP. It fits perfectly there too! I need to make a trek to the Hamilton one - haven't seen it yet. They definitely live up to their name though, don't they? I'm going to have to try and barter with them a little more next time - good tip!

  3. So glad u came clean. Great shop for u locals.

  4. Your sofa is fabulous and a great buy. Hugs, Marty

  5. WOW what a pretty sofa and at such a great price!! You scored big time!

  6. it's perfect! love the coziness factor!

  7. Love!!!! It looks so stinking soft and comfy, I just wanna snuggle in and nap forever in it :D


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