A Little Fabric Issue

I'll be the first to admit it, I love fabric.  I have a bit of an issue with buying fabric, just ask my husband.  Usually it's just a yard, or two, or five, but when were in the process of renovating our house, I bought a tad too much.  As I mentioned in this post, there was a fabric warehouse in town that was going out of business. I always hate to see a great store close its doors, but it sure worked in my favor at the time.  I already told you about my little happy dance when I bought the $4/yard wool fabric I used to cover my wingback chairs.   I also bought several other fabrics at the closeout sale for $4/yard.

Here a few of my favorites.

This is the window treatment in our office/den.  Didn't know what I would use his fabric for when I bought it, but we had just enough to make a roman shade.

This is the window treatment in our mudroom. Can you tell I love stripes.

I practically wrestled a poor lady out of the way to buy 18 yards of this fabric 
for the dining room curtains.

 I bought his fabric not knowing what I would use it for at the time either, 
but it worked out great for some dummie panels for our family room. 

 Looks like a bought a little too much. Anyone need some fabric? 

Here's my latest find.  
Bought 20 yards of this yesterday (for $5/yard).  I'm not really a fabric snob. 
 I love designer fabric, but I needed 20 yards of fabric for a project and I needed to keep the cost down. 
 Perfect color, texture and price.  

My amazing mother made all of the window treatments shown above and
 she also made these chair slipcovers.  We knew they would be a temporary fix for these chairs.  
See, the chairs came with a white fabric on them and remember, I have three kids (two boys). 
 I hadn't come across the right fabric to cover them in so she made these beauties in the meantime.  
The 20 yards of fabric I bought yesterday will be used for new slipcovers.
They will be very similar to these, just fit a little tighter and have piping around them.

I'm working on my photography skills, so please bear with me.  Any tips are appreciated.  

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