What Were We Thinking?

Okay, enough about diamonds, rough and rubble, let's get to the good stuff.  Like I said in this post
this house needed some attention (that is putting it mildly).  It really needed a complete overhaul.  
Here's what it looked like on the inside before our contractor got to work tearing it apart.  
Please note, this is how the house looked before we purchased it.  
 Living Room Before
 Foyer Before
 Office Before
 Dining Room Before (my husband being cute)
 Kitchen Before (check out the tile on the ceiling)
 Kitchen Before
 View from Kitchen into Family Room Before
 Family Room Before (to the left of the fireplace was a built-in Jenn Air grill - didn't think we'd be needing that)
 Family Room Before (yes those are guns and cowboy hats hanging on the wall in the top of the picture)
 4th Bedroom Before
 Girl's Bedroom Before
 Girl's Bedroom Before
Girl's Bathroom Before
 Boy's Bathroom Before
 Boy's Room Before (note the ugly carpet - this requires it's own post)
 Master Bedroom Before
 Master Bedroom Before
 Third Floor Before

Yes, I am going to post the after pictures as long as it doesn't snow 5"-8" tonight and school is called off tomorrow.  You have any renovation nightmares or triumphs to share?  If so, feel free to comment below.  Would love to hear about them.

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