The Big Reveal

Okay, it's not really a big reveal, it's just a bookcase, but it sure felt like a big project to me. 
I can't say I am a big fan of painting, but I do love a transformation. 
I am really loving the way it turned out.  So much lighter and brighter.

Once it was all painted, it looked a little too new and I wanted a more distressed look. 
I lightly sanded the edges of the bookcase and brushed on a glaze over top of the paint.  

My daughter was home sick a few days last week.  So, of course, I put her to work.  
No, really, she wanted to help and I don't think I was breaking any child labor laws.  

Here is it all primed and ready for a coat of paint. 

Once again, here is is before, dark and dreary. 

Here is my inspiration.

All done, thank goodness. 

While my back was turned, my four year old grabbed the hand sander and turned it on.  Ooops!  
Oh well, makes the house looked lived in, right?

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  1. That four year old is the one to watch!

  2. It looks even more fabulous than I envisioned! great work.

  3. It looks like a new piece now. So fresh and airy. I'm loving the red and those cute chalkboard labels.

  4. It looks great! I love the baskets with the labels.

  5. wow- it looks awesome! i love the red backgrond and the baskets! it looks very PB inspired to me!


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