Calm, Cool, and Collected

No, I'm not talking about myself.  (Although, I am a fairly calm and collected person and sometimes I can be pretty cool.  I'm sure my kids will confirm this.)  I am talking about the color blue.  Calm, cool and collected are the three words that describe the color blue.  I know this because I did a speech about it in grade school. I know, I know, another speech, really?  You can read all about my other grade school speech here.  I'm sure you're thinking I must have been some overly confident, know it all kid with no fear, right?  Quite the contrary. I have only spoken in front of a large group of people a hand full of times in my life, and I assure you, I wanted to throw up beforehand each and every time.  Funny how even as a kid, I was interested in color, design and organization.  Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, our previous home lacked the color blue.  Not sure why since blue has always been my favorite color. When we moved to our new house, I knew blue would be a big part of it.  I started in our master bedroom. I wanted a soothing, comforting color and this pale blue/green color worked perfectly.

Here is our bedroom in it's current state. 

Here are a few "before" pictures of the room.

Nice wallpaper, right?

Here are a few of the "during" pictures.  Since we were moving the laundry room up to this level and adding a new master bathroom, all the walls had to go.  We also had old knob and tube wiring in this house, so the electric had to be updated also.

Through this opening is our boys' room.  They had three closets in their room and we decided one of their closets would make a great shoe closet for us.  We simply opened it up into our room and closed it off in their room.

Here are a few more pictures of the new and improved master bedroom.
I have been searching for a large unique mirror for this blank wall.  I am contemplating making my own. I'll keep you posted.

This is the new shoe closet.

This is a view from the master bedroom into the master bathroom. The walk-in closet is through the doorway on the right.

I'll have to hunt up some before pictures of this armoire.  It is oak and was stained a dark brown. I was all set to list it on Craig's List and then I had a change of heart.  Instead I got out my paintbrush and gave this baby a much needed makeover.  

Paint colors:
Walls -  Shewin Williams Sea Salt
Ceiling - Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige

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  1. GORGEOUS!! What an absolutely beautiful room! Blue is my favorite color as well. I have a lot of blue all over my home.
    Can I say I am really surprised that you don't have more followers? I LOVE your style. Your whole house is so very beautiful. :)
    Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Your bedroom is serene and gorgeous! I am so jealous of your bathtub that I see. Thank goodness the walls got to be replaced instead of stripping the wallpaper. Thanks so much for linking to WUW this week.

  3. Your makeover looks outstanding.


  4. Gorgeous! You have a closet just for shoes?!? So jealous.

  5. The new space is just stunning! Love everything about it! You did an amazing job in renovating this room!


  6. So pretty! Your color choices are just beautiful. You have come a long way with your renovations. I look forward to following along!

  7. Ha! I can't help but comment on your comment always being into color, design and organization. Coming from the messy and un-organized sister who painfully shared a bedroom with you for 12 years...I can attest!!! I'm pretty sure you literally placed a string down the middle of our bedroom at one point and threw all of my crap over to my side b/c I was totally cramping your style. Oh, the joys of sisterhood! Don't forget the new angle as your enter the master bedroom was inspired by none other than ME...your dearest baby sister (a.k.a. "The Slob")

  8. Hi. I love the bedroom. You did a fantastic job. Good thing you didn't sell the armoire, it turned out beautifully. What colors did you use on it?

  9. Can you share the source for the curtains? I am looking for something w/ those colors for my DR where I need to work around a tealish carpet for year or two until we get hardwood in place.

  10. Your bedroom is beautiful.I have the exact same style armoire. I bought it at Sears about 22 years ago, when they sold unfinished wood. I'm about to give it a makeover too.Your makeover is so pretty. I'm a new follower.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I have been in the process of "redecorating" my bedroom for about, oh two years, now. I have blue in there now, but have never painted the walls. I hope that when I truly do commit to decorating it, it turns out as lovely as yours!

  12. Beautiful Andrea! Love your style - and the blue IS so calm, cool and collected! Gorgeous retreat.

  13. love the armoire. perfect color.. i bet your glad you kept it.

    im your newest follower too

  14. Beautiful space! Is that sisal carpet? If so, how do you like it?

  15. what a beautiful room! Huge transformation! I really LOVE all of your moldings throughout the space- so beautiful and grand!


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