Thinking Outside the Tin Can

Since I do most of the Christmas shopping in our house, my sweet husband wanted to help me out and get a few things for the kids this year.  He came home with three giant tin cans of popcorn (and a few other non-edible things).  The kids loved them, but once Christmas was over, they kind of forgot about them and they have been sitting in the pantry since.  

I got a little antsy today and started cleaning out the pantry.  I really wanted to run to Homegoods and buy some cool baskets to organize everything with, but I had three kids under the age of 5 here today.  Shopping was out of the question.  So I worked with what I had.  I dumped the leftover popcorn in the trash and got out my glue gun!  

I started with these.

 A little bit of leftover fabric and some glue, and now we have these.

I used the salvage edge of the fabric for the bottom, so I didn't have to worry about cutting a perfectly straight line.  I folded the fabric over the top of the can and glued it down.  The project took less than 20 minutes and they look great lined up on the shelf in the pantry.  One contains extension cords, one holds flashlights and one is filled with lightbulbs.

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