A Magical Time

We took the kids out of school for a couple of days last week and headed to Disney World! It was our four year old's first time there, so he was all hyped up. Until we got there and he realized he was going to have to get on rides.  We had to drag him on most of the rides as he cried and begged not to go.  Mickey Mouse probably would have kicked us out had he witnessed this.  

See how happy he looks in this picture.

And even happier here in this picture. 

Finally, a ride he liked, the Teacups! (notice his lovely haircut, he did it all by himself!)

We spent a day at Universal Studios and everyone had a great time.

We met my parents in Orlando and stayed with them.  They decided to play golf during the day and skip the Disney adventure.  They went two years ago with my brother and sister and their kids and decided that was enough fun to last them a decade or so.  

My dad was so kind to chauffeur us around town while we were there. 

Of course, this is the one and only picture we have of all of us together.  We're not the best about asking strangers to take our picture. My dad took this one. 

We had a wonderful time and my kids all cried when we had to get on the plane to come home. So nice to spend time together as a family and have some serious fun at the same time.  Now it's back to reality (i.e. laundry, cooking cleaning, carpooling, homework, oh and blogging!)  

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  1. so fun to "meet" another cincy blogger! your family is adorable and your HOUSE!!! oh my goodness - beautiful!!
    xo, Tessa


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