Too Stinkin' Cute

For the past couple of months, my daughter has been rehearsing for a school play called "Bugz".
She tried out for the part of the stink bug and got it.  I have never seen someone quite so excited about something.  She practically jumped out of bed this morning declaring "It's play day!".  She went on to inform me, and I quote, "I was born to this" and "I have been waiting for this since first grade".  I know what you're thinking, a bit dramatic, right.  Well, mabye, but I made sure to be just as excited about her special day as she was.  I went to the 2:00 p.m. performance for the entire school and I went to the 7:00 p.m. performance for family and friends.  At the 2:00 p.m. show, I had the video camera in my left hand and the camera in my right hand, all while trying keep my four year old quiet and still.  The things we moms do for our children.

Here are a few pictures of her acting debut.

Since she was the stink bug, none of the other bugs wanted her around.  Part of her role included crying during one of her lines.  She was so believable, my son made sure to point out to everyone around us that she wasn't crying in real life.  

The bugs had a change of heart and decided they liked her after all.  

My husband had to be out of town for work so he didn't get to see the show.  He was upset he had to miss it so he asked me to get these beautiful flowers for her to let her know he was thinking of her.
    He e-mailed a sweet message and I attached it to the flowers.  She was on cloud nine. 

Before she went to sleep, she asked me to sign her up for an acting class.  Oh boy, here we go!


  1. Just found your blog. I thought I read you were in Cincy? Not sure if I read one of your comments right about that. What a beautiful home, what part of town are you at. I live in Columbus. Not as many neat old houses around here. Love what you have done!!

  2. Great Pictures - I have volunteered for the Village Players - I see a star in the making or My Nose Turns Red circus group!!!

  3. Andrea, she is so cute and I know you are proud. Those are some great pictures you took.


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