Hello Sunshine

First things first, I'm thrilled that our kitchen is being featured over at Remodelaholic today.  Be sure to  check it out.  This amazing blog is the perfect place to get inspiration for your own home.  A special thanks to Cassity for inviting me over.  

I have been excited about today all week.  Several reasons: 1) the Remodelaholic feature; 2) no gym on Thursdays so I get to sleep in a little later; 3) taking my son to the park to play; 3) THE SUN WILL BE OUT AND IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE 70 DEGREES!  We have had our fair share of dreary cold weather here and I am ready for Spring.  Funny how sunshine can change your whole mood.  I don't care if I wake up and have two flat tires, I will be happy tomorrow (as long as the sun is shining). 

To bid farewell to the cold weather, I went on a bit of a winter de-cluttering mission.  I am never excited to get all the winter coats, boots, gloves, hats and boots out, but I am always a bit slap happy to put them away.

This is what our mudroom looks like on a normal (cold) day.

This is the new and improved Spring version.

  So much better without all those heavy coats.

I tend to get a bit side tracked when I start a project like this.  
What started out as simply putting some winter wear away,
ended up as a full fledge spring cleaning of the mudroom and pantry. 
Since this is the pantry door, there is no hiding a mess.

 I would love to spruce this space up with some cool paint and glass containers, 
but I was trying to use what I had and just reorganize everything.

Here are the famous tin cans from this post.  This is also where I keep most of 
the kids' craft supplies and my cleaning supplies. 

And just to make sure Old Man Winter knows he is no longer welcome here, 
I added a lovely message to the chalkboard

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  1. Yes, happy spring is right, Andrea. Congrats on the Remodelholic feature.

  2. I love this mudroom! So gorgeous. Where did you find the wire baskets under the bench?

  3. Popping over from Remodelaholic. Your kitchen is absolutely stunning! I love your mudroom, too! Looks like such an organized hardworking space.

    I'm holding a Throwback Thursdays party for showcasing things from before blogging, and would love it if you took a pic of anything you did/made/or bought that you're proud of that hasn't made it onto your new blog.

  4. Looks great! You've inspired me to remove all of our heavy coats from our hooks too!


  5. So great! I too, am ready to purge everything winter-related. I feel lighter and happier just looking at your spring mudroom. But then, that mudroom makes me happy no matter what. Seriously love it!

  6. Oh I SO WANT YOUR mudroom! (I'll even take it with the heavy coats!) Thanks for commenting on my blog - maybe I'll see a map post on your blog coming up?

  7. Andrea, your spaces are so lovely - pretty & organized!! And you are SO inspiring me to put away all the snow gear tomorrow....but I fear as soon as I do one last snowstorm will blow through! Your mudroom rocks.

  8. Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia held my hand & lead me here, your blog, home, style is all amazing. I am simply in love with your mud room above all, what a way to keep order with a large family. Congratulations, loving it all, love Posie

  9. Hi Andrea, so nice to meet you. I LOVE your kitchen and your entire home. You have done an amazing job! I'm now following and will be back often. LOVE your style...I have total mudroom envy!!!!!
    I've recently started a blog...please take a peek and follow along....xo and congratulations on being featured on Kristin's blog....

  10. Wow wow! I wish I had a mudroom like yours! Looks fabulous for spring.

  11. Woah! Looks like you are dangerously low on the Honey Nut Cheerios...better get to Sam's and stock up! haha

  12. Love your mudroom!
    Your pantry looks great too! A little organization goes such a long way. :)
    I just redid my pantry too... http://foryoubylove.blogspot.com/2011/03/pantry-overhaul.html

  13. I love switching the coats to beach towels.....can't come soon enough!

    Your mudroom is gorgeous. I wish I had the space for one.

  14. Oh my goodness I have built in ENVY! Seriously, that mud room is a dream! Love love love, thanks SO much for linking up and sharing!


  15. WOW!! I would love for you to share this at my Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party someday!! I have a space similar to this, but I so want to finish it and cutesify it, like yours!!


  16. Love your mudroom! Wish we had one!! :( That was one of the things had to compromise with when we got our house.

  17. Your mudroom is gorgeous Andrea, an so large. You have amazing storage too. I wish we had a mudroom, maybe in the next house :).

    Thanks for linking up yesterday to Roomspiration!


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