Thrifty Thursday

Back by popular demand, Thrifty Thursday.  Well, not really popular demand.  No one really demanded it and I can't verify that the first Thrifty Thursday was popular, but I thought it was fun, so here goes. 

First, let me preface by letting you know that sick kids prevented me from getting out much this week. However, I was able to sneak out one morning while my sweet husband stayed home with our little patient.  

I found this black beauty for only $10!  Not even on sale, how about that.  Of course, I plan on painting it some fun color.  It works perfectly in our mudroom storing our cell phones, I-pods, library books to return, my camera and sunglasses.  I'm sure plenty of other random things will end up there by the end of the week.  Nonetheless, it's great storage.  

It is taking the place of this table, which happens to belong to my sister-in-law.  She was loaning it to me while they had their house on the market.  It worked great there, but we really needed something with more storage.

I was pretty excited to stumble upon this treasure.

For the past two weeks, my friend and I have worked out with a trainer.  Last week, we worked on legs and I couldn't walk for three days.  This week, we worked on arms and I can't seem to straighten my arms because they hurt so badly.  Once I can, I'll get busy painting this piece. No pain, no gain, right!

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  1. That is a great piece and I'm sure it will be very useful. We definitely need a dedicated spot for our keys and such at our house. Can't wait to see it in a fun color.

  2. That was a score! I need something like that for our mudroom!
    I've been taking a "boot camp" kick-butt strength training class and feel your pain - I couldn't even laugh this week without feeling sore muscles!

  3. that is a great storage piece... clearly, I need a hall table... hmmm, needs to be high enough that the babe can't pull everything down! ;)

  4. hi andrea! just catching up on my reading of your blog. wanted to ask you about the family silhouette that you have framed on your new 'black beauty
    I want one! hope your'e doing well and hope to run into you soon!



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