A Punch of Color

In keeping with my "do it now" or it never gets done attitude, I decided to whip out a can of spray paint last night around 8:00 p.m.  I immediately start clearing everything off my daughter's bookshelf and carry it down the stairs all by myself.  I run into my husband on the way outside (with the bookshelf in tow) and he  says "You're not going to do that right now, are you?" Using a phrase borrowed from my dear friend, Mary Claire, I reply, "Do you know me at all?"  With that out of the way, I proceed to start spray painting the shelf.

Here is was before I got a hold of it.

I bought this at Homegood's a few years ago for about $50.  My daughter didn't really have anywhere to store her junk prized possessions.  This works perfectly for books, trophies and anything else she might want to cram in there.

Here it is in all it's blue spray painted glory.

After painting the walls with Sherwin William's White Duck, her room needed some punches of color.  The green bench from this post helped liven up the space a bit, but it was still lacking some personality.

I've been tackling little projects everyday in her room so a full reveal is coming, but it I'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress as I go.

Oh, and just for the record, I am one of those crazy moms who cleans my kids' rooms.  I am not a fan of clutter so I make sure to weed out the junk often.  With the exception of a few things underneath her bed, this is about all the clutter in her room.  I know, I have a problem. The first step is admitting it, right?  After that, I'm not quite sure what to do about it.

What about you, do you have a say in what goes in your kids' room or do you give them complete freedom to do whatever they want with their space?

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  1. It turned out great! As for kids rooms, I raised for sons. I just walked by their rooms and closed the doors...never went in, never cleaned (after they were about 10). It was just easier that way :-)

  2. I think we were cut from the same cloth. When I get urge to get something done, I'd better do it before the urge passes! This turned out great! Love the color.

  3. Penny, that is so funny - I just starting doing that exact same thing with my 12 year old's room - just closing the door!!
    Andrea, loving the new color on the bookshelf....and the pops of color you are adding to neutral walls these days!

  4. Oh, I totally go in and sort through the stuff in my son's room! I have to do it while he is at school though but we have had the occassional moment where he has brought me something and said "I found this in the trash mom!" to which I reply, "Well, now how did that get in there?" :-)
    I absolutely love how the shelf look with it's new color and it makes her pink baskets really pop. Great job!

  5. love the color! I'm with you, I am always sorting, purging and what-not in my kids' rooms.

  6. For the under 8's and most likely right on up (ok I'm dealing with a '7' right now) I pick up while bedtime reading is going on. I pack up and give away outgrown clothes, toys, junky things. If something is important (books, favorite toys it is a child help decision to give things to others who could use them. I change the bedding, dust through. In return I get a cheerful helper who helps bring in groceries, works in the garden with me, reads happily, puts his dishes in the sink and rinses them, brushes the dog, says please and thank you without prompting. I'm happy, he's happy about the way things are going. He is my grandson and for 4 years he was mostly all mine. Now I get once or twice a week overnights, plus early morning and after school, but the years together worked well.
    - Joy

  7. My daughter's room is a nightmare, the most I usually do is roll my eyes and wish she didn't share with the babe (her choice) so I could just walk away and pretend it wasn't like that! As it is, none of his things are in the room anyway, not even in storage boxes or in the cupboards and he couldn't play in there without risk to life or limb! :o
    I love that you've given your daughter a place for "stuff" maybe that's what I should do, then any "stuff" not in it's place can find it's way to the bin, the outdoor bin of no return... ;)


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