The Guest Room

Sorry for my absence.  It's been a long and wild weekend.  We spent a ton of time with friends and family and certainly kicked off the summer right!  I also started my new summer job today.  I'll be a full time chaffuer and part time referree for the next couple of months.  Unfortunately, it's an upaid position and will definitely involve overtime.  I'm not complaning.  I know how blessed I am to be able to be at home with my children and I don't want to seem ungrateful.  Just trying to see the humor in the situation.  

Anway, I've been meaning to show you guys our guestroom.  Up until a few weeks ago, it was just a room with some extra furniture in it.  Remember this post about our Tennessee friends coming up for a visit.  Well, I knew they were coming at least a month before they arrived and I had good intentions of turning that room into something fantastic by the time they arrived.  Of couse, time got away from me and I got distracted by other projects.  The monring they were to arrive, my husband and I started frantically trying to throw together something to make them feel welcome and comfortable.  This is what we came up with.

We bought this pine furniture a long time ago an it was in our youngest son's 
nursery until we moved into this house.  
Not sure if it is going to be sticking around, but if it does, it will be getting a few coats of paint.  

The bed belonged to my daugther first, then my son and it works well in this room.  
The room is on the small side and there is a trundle bed underneath which is great for guests. 
 I am planning to give the bed to my little sister's boy when he's too big for his crib.  
Then maybe we'll put a queen size bed in here.  

We have also had the rocking chair for a long time and I just can't seem to get rid of it, even though it is so not my style anymore.  Maybe covering it in some funky fabric would make me like it again.  We hung the print over the chair during the decorating frenzy.  It is a building on the campus of the collge my husband and his TN friend attended.  So, again, not quite my style anymore, but it has sentimental value and my husband is quite fond of it.  Since he doesn't have really have a "man cave" in this house, I have to concede and let him have his way sometimes.  Teasing honey!

I hung the mirrors on the wall to bring some light to this side of the room.  

We added a few items to make them feel at home.  

Since we don't get to see them too often, we always like to give each other little gifts. 

Something fun and playful for the kiddos and a good read for the adults.  

We even pulled out a bunch of old photos of our friends.  
They were sitting out on the dresser when they arrived.  

This little guy caught my eye at a consignment store and my daughter forced me to buy it.  
It was only $6, but when we got home, I thought to myself "where in the world is this going to go?"  The guest room has a bit of a lodge/barn look so why not hang an owl in it.  

Lastly, we added some books in case they wanted to sneak away and relax.  

Everything we added to the room, we already had.  It was pulled together in under two hours.  Of course, I'll probably change everything about it, but for now, it serves it's purpose of providing an inviting and comfortable haven for our guests.  Mission accomplished!  

Just for fun, here's a picture of the one of the rooms on our third floor (before we bought the house).  This room is now the playroom, but the guest room looked very similar to this room.  A fresh coat of paint and some new carpet were all these two rooms needed.  

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  1. Andrea, the room looks great and I am sure your guests were quite comfortable. Love the painted paneling. It makes that room.

  2. Very nicely done without spending a bunch of time and money. That's my kind of makeover!!

  3. Looks great! Im all ready to come visit ;) !!!

  4. Amazing what can be done with almost no money!! I'm hosting a guest room link party on the room-by-room house tour this week. Here's the link if you want to join us :)

  5. That building in the photo looks familiar....where did your husband go to college? I am in TN also and went to school here........ :)

    Melody, with triplets, in Knoxville

  6. Wow! What a huge change that paint made! I love the rustic look of the paneling and would give anything for a little character like that! Also, I can't help but notice your excellent taste in reading material... :) esp The Shack. If you liked it, I would def recommend He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen whose name is mentioned on the title page of The Shack as a collaborating author.


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