Ikea Adventure

My sister-in-law and I decided to load up the kids last Thursday and make a quick trip to Ikea.  Thank heavens for the childcare!  We only had one hour to shop and my sister-in-law had never been there before.  So we walked around slowly and took everything in.  Once we had taken the tour, we headed downstairs with our carts ready.  By this time, we only had about twenty minutes left before they kicked our kids to the curb, so we got down to business.  I was on a mission and I didn't waste anytime.

I picked up 20 of these for just $1.99 each.  I was supposed to be getting 10 for my friend, but I got carried away and bought 20.  After I re-read her text requesting 10, I figured I would keep the extras.

Like I needed more wine glasses.  Oh well, I ended up giving my friend 12, I kept 8 and stored them in the pantry.  I have some clumsy friends, so they will probably end up coming in handy.

Slowly but surely my daughter's bedroom makeover is coming together.  I knew I wanted to hang two frames on either side of her bed and I found these at Ikea for only $10 a piece.  I had recently bought some oversized 17"x17" mats at the Pottery Barn outlet and had planned to buy the 18"x18" frames to go with them.  The frames sell for $39 each.  But when I saw these for just $10, I knew they would do the trick, and for a fraction of the cost of the Pottery Barn frames.  I had already covered the 17"x17" mats in a graphic blue fabric so I simply cut them down to fit the new frames.  Still not quite sure what to put in the frames, but at least I've made some headway.

I also picked up this cute little tray for $5.99.  Since I am adding blue to my daughter's revamped room, I thought I would bring a little blue into her bathroom as well.

The other non picture worthy items I came home with were two 26"x26" pillows to cover for my 
daughter's bed and a some plain old glasses for our kitchen. My glasses seem to be disappearing.  

All in all, it was a productive trip and the best part was that the kids loved the childcare.  They are dying to go back.  Me, not so much.      


  1. Cute things and I need to go back to Ikea. We have one in Atlanta and I have only been twice.

  2. I love that place!!! :) I need to get back over there...:) I love all your fun things you bought! Hi, I'm Meme for Screaming Meme. This is my first visit! Nice to meet you...I wanted to personally invite you to my Giveaway Series. My first giveaway is beautiful slipcover. If you get the chance stop in and remember to check back and see what I am giving away next. :) Hope to you see there!


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