After the Before & Before the After

What that really means is I have changed my mind again.  When we were renovating our house about two years ago, I had to pick paint colors for all the rooms in the house.  I was sure about all the colors except the color for my daughter's room.  I had to make a decision so I went with a pale pink for the walls and a pale yellow for the ceiling.  The colors went with the bedding she had so I just went with it.  As soon as we moved in and got settled, I knew I wanted to change everything about her room.  It's been a slow process and I wasn't really in any hurry.  I finally found the inspiration in a remnant piece of fabric and that got the ball rolling. 

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me show you what the room looks like currently.

I don't dislike it, but I just want to make it a bit more sophisticated and fun.

Oh, and let's not forget how the room looked before we bought the house.  This room was originally the master bedroom and it is the largest bedroom in the house.  However, the attached bathroom is very small and much better suited for one person.  That's how my daughter ended up with the largest bedroom in the house.  She thinks it's pretty cool and makes sure to tell anyone and everyone who comes over.

These pictures were taken during the home inspection and that's the inspector checking out the bathroom.

I already posted about this chair that will go in her room (once it is reupholstered).

It will look very similar to this chair once it is painted and reupholstered.

Since she has a small window behind her bed, I would love to replicate this look.  Wow, is that giant dark brown ceiling fan distracting, or what?  She has two other windows in her room so I think there will still be plenty of natural light. 

Girls Room by Paige Merchant Designs  bedroom
image via Houzz

The walls are going to be painted a cream color and the ceiling will be a very pale shade of blue.  The bedding will mostly be cream with pops of color on the pillows and trim.  I'm anxious to get stated on the painting.  My goal is to make this a room that she can live with for a very long time.  

Sherwin Williams paints are 40% off 4/8-4/10.  That's all the incentive I needed to get started on this project.  I haven't painted a room in a long time, so it should be interesting.  

Completely changing gears, I left my laptop power cord at my parents' house on Saturday.  I didn't realize it until my battery was dangerously low on Sunday night.  I immediately called my dad in a panic and begged him to put it in the mail first thing on Monday morning.  I nearly had a panic attack knowing my Mac would be dead in the very near future.  My husband reminded me that we have a PC and my daughter has a mini laptop.  Monday morning I had to pay some bills on-line, so I fired up the mini-laptop.  Five minutes later, I was ready to throw that thing out the window.  You see, just like they say, "Once you go Mac, you never go back".  I was so desperate to have my Mac back in action, I borrowed my friend's Mac power cord for a day.  Then her computer died and I had to give it back.  When the little box containing my power cord arrived today in the mail, I practically did cartwheels through the house.  I would love to be the official Mac spokesperson.  They wouldn't even have to pay me, I would gladly accept  an extra power cord as payment.  Just my two cents, but if you're on the fence, buy the Mac. You won't regret it!

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  1. Your daughters bedroom is gorgeous now and I am sure it will be really lovely when it is finished!
    You have some fabulous ideas!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I absolutely love her room now! Can't wait to see the changes you make. Martina

  3. Can't wait to see how you're going to make her already super-cute room even cuter! And Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale? Hold the phone...

  4. I have just had a BLAST poking around and seeing all your projects. Your home is beautiful!!! You are one talented mama!

  5. what color is the pale pink your your daughters room?

  6. I have a few questions about two chairs that I have that need a serious makeover but look very similar to the one in your post....
    Are you going to paint the chair yourself? If so, how?
    Who do you use for upholstery... or do you do that too? OMG!

    For the record I'm obsessed with my Mac too! Greatest computers/mp3/phones/etc EVER!!!

  7. oh one more question... where do you shop for fabric?

  8. fabulous! how do you keep the room so clean? my girls rooms are always a crazy mess - can never get a good picture to share! xoxo, tracie


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