Symmetry Sanity

The more I blog, the more issues I realize I have.  I guess I've always known I had these issues, but putting them in writing for the whole world to read makes them seem real.  Okay, maybe the whole world isn't reading my blog (yet), but I'm definitely exposing my flaws.  I've admitted to having an issue with fabric, mirrorscouches, and, well, let's just stop there to save time.  Anyway, another thing I have an issue with is symmetry.  I like things to be symmetrical.  It's not such a bad thing is it? 

When we first looked at our house, before buying it, my husband said "Are you sure you could live there, the front door isn't in the center of the house."  I wish I was making that up, but unfortunately, I'm not.  Obviously, I got over that little issue, but generally in design, I like symmetry.  

Take for instance, this window in my boys' room.  It looks like it's in the middle of the wall, right?  

It's not!  Once we moved the furniture in and I figured this out, I momentarily had a bit of a panic attack. Once I recovered, I went into problem solving mode.  I thought, what are our options?  We can't move the window and we can't move the walls.  Ah ha, we can play a trick on the eye and move the hardware over five inches.  So that's just what we did.  Hey, whatever it takes to keep me sane!

Can't even tell, can you?  Another great tip is to hang your hardware all the way up the ceiling.  It gives the impression of having higher ceilings.

We had this issue in our dining room and our family room and we used a version of this trick in both of those places as well.  No one would ever know the difference, except now I've exposed our secret to the whole world.

What about you, do you like symmetry too, or are you okay with things being a little "off"?


  1. I am a symmetrical kind of girl. I don't like things being "off". I am like you, it is hard for me to get past it. Great tip!

  2. AH ha ha! I had to laugh about your husband's comment on the front door. My hubby would be asking me the same thing!! I am VERY symmetrical. I mean VERY! It's a tough thing for me. Patterns in tile, spacing on the wall, three on this side...three on that side. lol. I am here with ya!

  3. Well, what a great trick. I do prefer windows to be hung correctly and I have a couple off, too.

  4. I like symmetry for most things. I put it doonw to being a Libra...balance rules! LOL

  5. Oh my yes Im border line OCD so you are doing great!lol

  6. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I have this same issue - not with symmetry in general so much as with windows. Ahhh! I am doing this all in my craft room - making them the same size and even with this trick. I always do this if needed. :) Great post. And, I love the room!

  7. HA! LOVE that you admit to your crazy ways! Its the first step in recovery right ;) Love the curtain trick!

  8. Thanks for your nice comment on our blog!

    This post made me laugh. It's things like this that drive me crazy as well. Great solution!!


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