Thrifty Thursday

I thought I would show you a few lamps I have picked up at thrift stores and antique stores recently.  Lighting is so important in a room and I love the ambiance a lighted lamp gives a room.  Overheard lights are often times a little too harsh for me (especially when not on a dimmer switch).

Funny story, a few years ago, my parents built a new house and we were visiting them over Thanksgiving weekend.  We were all sitting around the table playing cards and the light from the chandelier was so bright, my husband and I got out a box of sun visors and passed them out to everyone at the table to wear.  There may have been a few drinks involved and, of course, we thought it was hilarious.  Not sure my parents thought it was that funny! Needless to say, my father added a dimmer switch to the chandelier as soon as we left.

Wow, I really got off track from Thrifty Thursday.

Here's the first lamp. I bought this one at a Goodwill for $8.00 (including the shade).  I bought it right before I started blogging, so I did't take a before picture.  It was yellow glass.  I knew I wouldn't leave it yellow, but I loved the size, the shape and the shade.  I first tried painting the inside of the glass, didn't work so well.  Next up was spray paint.  I had some red on hand so I gave it a coat of red.  It was a little too bright so I sprayed on a light layer of black.

I like the modern vibe it brings to our casual living room.  

The next lamp came from the local St. Vincent DePaul thrift store.  I paid a whopping a $20.00 for this one .  A tad expensive for thrift store standards, but well worth it.  I saw it one day and walked on by. For some reason, I couldn't get the darn thing out of my head.  A week later, I went back thinking surely someone had snagged it up by then.  Fortunately for me, no one else saw the beauty in this lamp.

This picture really doesn't do it justice.  It has a lovely antique brass bass.  
This lamp is in our family room. 

The last one was purchased at an antique store where my parents live.  I think I paid $12.00 for it.

I love this little vintage find.  It also resides in our casual living room.   

The first place I normally go when I walk in a thrift store is the lamp section.  I'll just add lamps to my list of "issues".  I've already blogged about lamps here, here, and here.

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  1. That aqua/turquoise lamp is gorgeous! I would have paid $20 too! :)



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