All Over The Place

That is where my mind is most of the time, all over the place.  After celebrating a wonderful Easter Sunday with my family, I settled in front of my computer to do a little work.  Somehow, I ended up on Pinterest searching for some inspiration for our guest bedroom. By the way, if you have never been on Pinterest, you should immediately go there, after reading this entire post, of course.

Anyway, while looking at beautiful pictures on Pinterest, I came across this.  Isn't it lovely?

I immediately shifted gears and started thinking about my daughter's bedroom, which I'm still working on .  Here's another sneak peek.   Have no fear, progress has been made since this post.  The picture of her on the nightstand has always been one of my favorites.

Okay, where was in my scattered thought process?   Oh yes, the adorable jewelry display I saw on Pinterest.  I thought something like this would be great for my daughter.  She has way too many necklaces and bracelets and she hardly ever wears them because they are all jumbled up in her jewelry box.

When I get an idea, I must act on it right away or it will never get done.  So I pulled out an old picture frame/bulletin board that was under her bed and added some cute tacks that I had sitting around.  Here is what I came up with.

For some strange reason, she has three large towel bars in her bathroom.  There were four until I took it upon myself to chisel one out during the renovation.  Let's just say, that didn't go so well. The tile guy had to make a few repairs to my demolition work.  Anyway, one little girl doesn't need three large towel bars (for towels).  So I used my staple gun and attached some ribbon to the top of the frame and then I tied the ribbon around the top towel bar.

I bought this frame on clearance at Homegood's quite a few years ago.  I painted the frame white, took out the glass and covered the cardboard that came with the frame with some burlap fabric.  I put the cardboard back in the frame and used it as a bulletin board in our previous house.

My little girl started feeling sick tonight so she didn't get to help with this project, but she was thrilled with the outcome.  I think she will be wearing her jewelry a lot more now that it is on display.

And in keeping with the theme of  this post "All Over the Place", here are a few pictures from our Easter celebration.

If you missed the Easter pictures from years 2003-2010, you can go here to see them all.

My three boys!

My sweet little crew and I.

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  1. You have the cutest bunch.. (and jewelry display) lol!!

  2. Your family is beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful day! My daughter would LOVE to have that jewelry board in her room. Fun idea!

  3. Beautiful family! What a great solution - love that you used the towel rack!! And, I love how you did it right away! Wow. Thanks so much for the sweet comment today!

  4. You are so right about doing it right away or it won't get done! Maybe that's why I never get anything done around here - haha!

  5. Love the flower thumbtacks! So cute for a jewelry board!
    And so funny that you wrote about this today....I just wrote a post for tomorrow on the same topic....so similar to yours too!
    Beautiful family pictures from Easter day - your kids are adorable.

  6. So cute!!! BOTH the jewelry board AND your family!


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