Thrifty Thursday

I was going to take a break from Thrifty Thursday for the summer, but I found the deal of the century this week, so I must share.  Look what I found when I walked in to the thrift store on Tuesday.

There are a couple minor scratches on the bench, one missing knob and it needs to be tuned, 
but overall it is in great condition.  Now, guess what I paid for it?  

Wait for it, wait for it......

$75!!!!!!  It was actually $85 and the lady who worked there said "Hold on, I bet we can take a little off."  I said, "Um, okay".  Meanwhile I'm about to do the happy dance right there in the middle of the store.  She comes back and says "How about $75?"  A stranger was standing at the counter and said "If you don't buy it, I'm going to."  Of course I immediately pay for it and run out of the store beaming from ear to ear.  We still have to have it moved to our house, but my kids are really excited.  


  1. Great find! and its a baldwin! I bet its going to sound beautiful!

  2. AMAZING!!! What a find!!! I bet your kids are loving you right now!!! Where are you going to put it?

  3. Greetings From Southern California

    I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and follow back if you want too.

    Have a Nice Day :-)

    BTW, Great Buy!

  4. I've been looking and looking and LOOKING for a piano. you got very lucky!!! btw, thanks to you my Mom and I are totally addicted to "everything but the house" now!!! :)



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